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Some small problems of stone CNC router

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  Some small problems of Stone CNC router can bring us a lot of troubles in production and processing.

  At present, the spindle of many CNC routers is water-cooled. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to freeze the spindle and circulating water pipe, and it is easy to destroy the spindle. At present, most of the numerical control routers use frequency converter to drive the servo exchange motor. This kind of motor has small power and no induction vector frequency converter. It is compact and cost-effective, and is mostly used in the numerical control router system with the spindle power lower than 3.7KW.

  Stone CNC Router

  The copper loss and iron loss of the CNC router motor will be reflected in the heat situation, which will affect the effectiveness of the motor. Stepping motor generally seeks for positioning accuracy and torque input. A woodworking CNC router can carve a pair of exquisite carvings on the board in less than ten minutes. Imagine our Stone CNC router in such an efficient operation, the spindle motor will have great wear and offset. Once the carving knife of the Stone CNC router deviates, it is not to say that the high-precision operation like carving, that is, ordinary carving will have a large and serious loss of accuracy.

  Therefore, in our practical production process, we can touch with our hands for more than 1-2 seconds, not more than 60 degrees; we can only touch with our hands, about 70-80 degrees; a few drops of water immediately vaporize, then more than 90 degrees, which is to increase copper loss and iron loss. In this case, we can choose antifreeze instead of water. If conditions permit, when purchasing CNC router, it is better to choose air-cooled rather than water-cooled spindle. At ordinary times, we also need to clean and oil the guide rails and racks of CNC router of stone router, and check whether the wires are aged or broken, so as to avoid leakage.

  In some heavy stone processing, the heavy stone CNC router is different from the general light stone CNC router, not only because its load-bearing force is stronger than the light machine, but also because it adopts the rack drive method to carve the high efficiency. In this case, the effectiveness of our Stone CNC router is low, so the servo motor generally has a heating condition, and the condition ratio is lower Generally, the servo motor should be serious. We should pay attention not to ignore these small problems in production, otherwise it will bring great trouble to your production.leapion

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