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Advantages of stainless steel laser cutting machine in processing?

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  leapion Fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced CNC cutting equipment, which is very common in industrial processing applications. In the application process, it can not only meet the needs of metal cutting, but also achieve high-precision cutting specifications. Why is it loved by users? That is closely related to the advantages of the product itself, which is described below.

  1. Non contact processing, and can adjust the energy and moving speed of the laser beam of the fiber laser cutting machine, and can carry out a variety of processing.

  2. There is no "tool" wear in the machining process, and the cutting force is not affected by the workpiece.

  3. The heat affected part of the workpiece is small, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small, and the follow-up processing amount is small.

  4. It is easy to guide, and can complete various target conversion through focusing. It is a very sensitive cut-off processing method for machining stop of complex workpieces in cooperation with NC system.

  5. High level of autonomy, completely closed processing, less pollution, low noise, simplified the task of the operator.

  6. The system itself is a computer system, which can be easily compiled and modified. It is suitable for feature processing, especially for sheet metal parts with complex contour, with many batches and short product life cycle. It is not cost-effective to measure from the perspective of technology, economic cost and time, and laser cutting is particularly advantageous.

  7. High processing energy density, short induction time, small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation and small thermal stress. In addition, the laser is non-mechanical contact processing, no mechanical stress induction, suitable for micro machining.

  8. Energy density is enough to melt any metal, especially suitable for processing materials with high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point and other difficult technologies.

  Processing features and technical advantages of stainless steel laser cutting machine:

  1. Burr free cutting: high precision, fast speed, narrow slit, small heat affected part, smooth cutting surface, no burr.

  2. Cutting without damage: the laser cutting head does not contact the material surface and does not damage the workpiece.

  3. No mechanical deformation: narrow slit, small heat affected area, small local deformation of workpiece, no mechanical deformation.

  4. Arbitrary cutting: it has strong softness, can process arbitrary figures, can cut off pipes and other special-shaped materials.

  5. No deformation cutting: steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, cemented carbide and other hard materials can be cut without deformation.

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