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Why fiber laser cutting machine is the artifact of metal precision machining

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  Speaking of optical fiber laser cutting machine, some enterprises that have not used laser equipment may still not understand what it is. Today, as a manufacturer, leapion laser will briefly introduce the optical fiber laser cutting machine, the God tool of metal precision processing.

  Fiber laser cutting machine is a very high precision laser beam cutting and processing equipment for metal materials. Compared with the traditional CNC cutting machine, it has higher precision, more material saving, more intelligent, no consumables, and lower use cost!

  Compared with CO2 laser cutting machine, the advantages of metal fiber laser cutting machine are higher processing efficiency, lower price of equipment with the same power, higher precision of laser line, better quality of finished products produced and processed, twice the output power of CO2 laser cutting machine, about 30% higher electric conversion efficiency, higher cost performance than CO2 laser cutting machine!

  If you don't know much about the optical fiber cutting machine, you can contact the leapion laser for more information, which is sold directly by the manufacturer, precision metal optical fiber laser cutting machine, with high configuration and more thoughtful after-sales service

  The fiber cutting machine produced by leapion laser has the following characteristics:

  1. Servo drive, realize high-speed operation, effectively improve production efficiency;

  2. The optical path of all optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment is optical fiber transmission, the external optical path does not need maintenance, the damage cost is small, and the use is more convenient;

  3. Professional laser cutting software, compact overall layout, reasonable, small footprint;

  4. Select high precision accessories;

  5. With back function, high-speed perforation function and automatic cleaning function

  Leapion fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing, precision accessories, home appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, advertising, medical equipment and other manufacturing and processing industries, adding bricks and tiles for Chinese manufacturing.

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