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Leapion Continuous Handheld Laser Meatl Cleaner

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The power to effortlessly strip rust and coatings off metal surfaces. With a range from 1000W to 3000W, it's built for heavy-duty work yet precise enough for detailed tasks. It’s the reliable choice for quality and speed in any metal industrial setting.
 Green and environmental protection 
8 cleaning patterns

Continuous Laser Technical Specifications

Parameter Name
1000W water cooled
1500W water cooled
2000W water cooled
3000W water cooled
Maximum output power/W
200 μm
300 μm
300 μm
400 μm
Fiber length/m
Total power/W
Laser Beam Quality, BPP
20~22 mm*mrad
25~28 mm*mrad
25~28 mm*mrad
30~33 mm*mrad
Mode of Operation
Preview red light power
150 μW
Power adjustment range/%
Cooling method
water cooled
Bending Radius
200 mm
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Smart Handheld Laser Cleaning Gun

1. High-threshold optical components for superior laser cleaning effects.

2. Laser gun has several safety locks for top performance security.

3. Whole-body water cooling design for enhanced and lasting stability.

4. Ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and easy handling.

5. Intelligent protection system with phone and PC monitoring.

Leapion 1000W-3000W Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine

The laser cleaning machine offers rapid and effective removal of stubborn deposits, clearing rust, paint, and residue in mere seconds. 
With adjustable power ranging from 1000W to 3000W, it's designed for versatility—capable of precise maintenance on delicate gear as well as tackling extensive, heavy-duty jobs reliably and effortlessly.
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Maximize Precision with Multiple Cleaning Modes

Maximize cleaning efficiency with the laser cleaner's eight distinct modes, each designed for a specific task.

Engineered for Excellence: Leapion Laser Cleaner

Leapion's range of laser cleaning machines showcases the pinnacle of cleaning technology

Handheld Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning Machine Reviews

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Industry Applications for High-Power Laser Cleaning

Leapion's 1000W-3000W continuous laser cleaning machine are engineered for industries where deep cleaning and surface preparation take precedence over the preservation of the original surface. Here are industries where our laser cleaning excels:

Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine FAQs

    Q How safe are handheld laser metal cleaner?

    A Laser cleaners are safer than old cleaning ways like sandblasting or dry ice blasting. They don't create extra waste and are kind to the environment. They're also safe for the people using them and the items being cleaned. This is because they don't harm or conduct electricity.
  • How long does a 1000w laser cleaner last?

    Our hand held laser rust removal have a long life of about 100,000 hours. This means you can depend on them for a long time. You can also replace the laser source. This refreshes the machine and makes it like new. It also makes it last even longer. This way, you get steady performance and your money's worth over time.
  • Can laser cleaning remove paint?

    cleaning laser machine is great at taking off paint well and without harm. It targets the paint layer exactly, so the material underneath doesn't get damaged. Also, it's good for the environment. It doesn't cause the extra pollution that other paint removal ways do. For dangerous paint removal, laser ablation is the best method.
  • Do laser cleaning machines really work?

    Laser cleaning rust removal are very effective. They remove all kinds of unwanted materials from many surfaces, from fragile historical items to tough machinery. They clean carefully without damaging what's underneath. You can adjust the lasers for different cleaning jobs, making them useful for many situations.
  • How long can the hand held laser cleaning machine operate continuously?

    Our machines are built to last. They can run for up to 48 hours without stopping. This can vary between models. They provide non-stop cleaning efficiency.
  • What types of contaminants can the metal laser cleaner remove?

    Our metal laser cleaning machine work well on many jobs. They take off rust, paint, and coatings. They also clean different kinds of industrial dirt. This makes them great for all kinds of cleaning tasks.

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