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LF-E series is an ideal entry level laser cutting machine without high purchase cost and training cost.Monolithic cast aluminum beam,light weight, high strength, no deformation.
Price: $16,000-$32,800/ SET
LEAPION fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with Japanese Yaskawa motor, Japan Shimpo reducer and Taiwan YYC rack. The positioning accuracy of the machine tool can be 0.02mm.
Price: $28,000-$52,000/ SET

Dual-platform Automatic Exchanging System. Platform exchange in 10-15 seconds Rapid exchange between two platforms greatly improves work efficiency.Platform exchange is controlled by the system.

Price: $68,000-$72,000/ SET
The whole line can realize full-automatic intelligent operation to ensure that the production process is unattended.The storage space of the eight layer cargo space frame meets the storage requirements of various plates and the return function of finished products.
Price: $75,000-$95,000/ SET
It is equipped with two sets of raw material pallets and finished material pallets to realize the cost-effectiveness of automatic transfer and return to the warehouse, and meet the needs of medium, large and small varieties of plates.
Price: $32,000-$75,000/ SET
The coil cutting machine integrates automatic uncoiling, leveling, feeding and cutting, ensuring the continuity of processing and production and improving the processing efficiency.With belt conveyor and adjustable width limiting device, the processed plates would be automatically sent to the unloading platform.

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