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Since our establishment in 2007, Leapion's mission has been to innovate and perfect laser technology applications for superior metal cutting. We concentrate on manufacturing top-tier CNC fiber laser cutting machine, with power capacities ranging from 1000W to 40000W. We provide tailor-made, professional metal cutting solutions, empowering you to create more value with our versatile and high-precision laser cutter machine.
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Fiber Laser Metal Sheet Cutting Machine

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LF-EA Economical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • An affordable, high-precision cutting solution.
  • Perfect for small-scale production or businesses starting their journey in metal cutting.
  • Features user-friendly controls for easy operation.
  • Efficient design reduces production time and maintenance costs.

LF-H High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Designed for dealing with tougher, thicker materials or complex cutting tasks.
  • Offers high power capacities ranging up to 20000W for heavy-duty cutting.
  • Provides accurate, fast, and consistent cutting performance.
  • Ideal for large scale production or industries requiring high precision and power.

Fiber Laser Metal Sheet Cutting Machine - Advanced

LF-PE Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Offers enhanced safety and noise reduction with its large enclosure design. 
  • Ideal for workplaces prioritizing safety and operational efficiency. 
  • Delivers precision cutting while maintaining a clean and secure work environment.

LF-EX Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

  • Delivers increased efficiency with its exchangeable worktable. 
  • Reduces machine idle time and enhances productivity by allowing for loading and unloading during the cutting process. 
  • Versatile and suitable for high-volume and high-precision cutting tasks.

Explore Versatility of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Leapion fiber laser cutting machines are not only efficient but also highly versatile, Whether you are dealing with stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, or any other metals, our machines can deliver a smooth, clean and precise cut.
The picture is technical parameters of leapion's fiber laser cutting machine for cutting common metals.
In addition to these, our fiber laser cutting machines can handle other metal materials as well. Please reach out to us for more information on the capabilities of our machines.
No matter the type of metal you're working with, our fiber laser cutting machines offer precise, quick, and high-quality cuts, maximizing your productivity and reducing waste.

Application Fields

Leapion fiber laser cutting machines have found extensive applications across a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to:


Sheet Metal Processing Plants
Sheet Metal Processing Plants
Our machines aid in enhancing cutting precision and efficiency in these facilities, whether it's for mass production or small-scale custom work.


Mechanical Parts Manufacturing
Mechanical Parts Manufacturing
Many mechanical components require precise metal cutting, and our laser cutting machines provide high accuracy and consistent cutting results.


Construction Industry
Construction Industry
From building structures to decorative elements, our laser cutting machines facilitate a myriad of cutting tasks within the construction sector.


Home Appliance Manufacturing
Home Appliance Manufacturing
From refrigerators to microwave ovens, our machines play a critical role in the home appliance manufacturing industry.
Case Studies
Italy Sheet Metal Processing Plant
Challenge: The client needed to increase the precision and speed of their metal cutting process to boost production and decrease errors.
Solution: We provided our LF-H 8000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, which increased the cutting speed by 60% and reduced waste from errors.
Outcome: The client significantly increased their production output while reducing costs.
Australian Machinery Parts Manufacturer
Challenge: The client needed ultra-precise cutting for metal used in mechanical parts.
Solution: Our LF-EA Economical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine offered the necessary precision and reliability, reducing production time and enhancing accuracy.
Outcome: The client improved the accuracy of their parts and boosted overall production efficiency.

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Leapion is a trusted fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing 
high-quality laser equipment to meet customers’ various needs.


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