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Analysis of the system composition of laser cutting machine

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  leapion Laser cutting machine system is generally composed of laser generator, (external) beam transmission component, worktable (machine tool), computer numerical control cabinet, cooler and computer (hardware and software), etc.

  1. Laser generator.

  For the purpose of laser cutting machine, except for a few cases of using YAG solid-state laser, most of them use CO2 gas laser with high efficiency of electro-optical conversion and high power output. Because laser cutting requires high beam quality, not all lasers can be used for cutting.

  2. CNC cutting machine.

  It is composed of three parts, that is, worktable (usually precision machine tool), beam transmission system (sometimes called external optical path, that is, the transmission optical and mechanical components of the beam in the whole optical path before the laser beam reaches the workpiece) and microcomputer numerical control system. According to the way that the cutting cabinet moves relative to the workbench, it can be divided into the following three types:

  (1) In the cutting process, both the beam (emitted by the cutting torch) and the worktable move. Generally, the beam moves along the Y direction and the worktable moves in the X direction.

  (2) In the cutting process, only the beam (cutting torch) moves, and the workbench does not move.

  (3) In the cutting process, only the workbench moves, and the beam (cutting torch) is fixed.

  3. Five axis machine.

  In industrial production, there are some problems that need to cut three-dimensional components, while the general two-axis and three-axis laser cutting machine can only cut two-dimensional plane workpiece, which requires a cutting machine equipped with a manipulator, namely five axis machine.

  4. leapion Laser cutting machine.

  This machine uses the mechanical method to punch out the inner hole of the complex shape workpiece, and then uses the laser cutting method to cut out the outer edge and the lines that need to be cut for a long distance.

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