Automatic Laser Welding Machine Collaborative Robot
  Flexible, efficient and free welding process
  Higher welding stability and consistency
  Reduce welding damage to human body
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6-axis human-robot collaboration robotic arm

Collaborative robots can effectively cope with laser welding operations, helping to achieve flexible, efficient and free welding processes.
Welding stability and consistency are higher, and product quality is easier to control.
Reduce labor and labor consumption. Solving the shortage of skilled welders increases production capacity and profits.
New type laser welder

High quality and good effect
Small deformation, beautiful welding seam, no need to grind, different effects can be adjusted according to the process

Wide application and strong versatility
Common metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, galvanized alloy, and aluminum alloy can be welded

Low cost and many processes
Low power consumption, welding of different materials corresponds to different processes, intelligent power consumption.
Flexible for inner fillet welding, outer fillet welding, splicing welding, spot welding, fish scale welding, etc.

Automatic laser welding head
Fast and efficient, wide processing range: automatic laser welding machine has concentrated energy, high-efficiency and high-speed welding, smooth and beautiful welds, and reduce subsequent grinding processes.
Laser Source
Raycus/MAX/IPG, multiple choice
Different brands, different laser power are available. The higher power, the thicker cutting thickness.
Smart control system
High-end intelligent system, stable and reliable, easy to use, rich in functions, suitable for various processing occasions.   

It supports modular, personalized, automated, and informatized solu tions. 
Automatic Laser Welding Machine Collaborative Robot features

Compared with traditional welding, the speed is increased by 10 times, and the performance of the whole welding process is superior. 

The robot swings the arm, and the routing path is consistent and stable, and is equipped with a gun cleaning and wire cutting system. Virtually eliminates the possibility of clogging of the welding torch. 

Welding, spatter and welding slag are greatly reduced. The welds are beautiful and shiny. 

Can withstand high temperature and harsh working environment. Reduce the damage to the human body caused by welding, and lay the foundation for the automation of the production line. 

Technical Parameters
  Name   Automatic Laser Welding Machine Collaborative Robot
  Repeat positioning accuracy   ±0.03mm
  Welding speed   0-120MM/S
  Robot arm weight   38.5kg
  Robotic arm weighing   10kg
  Robotic arm reach   1350mm
  Welding thickness range   <10MM
  Welding line requirements   ≤0.5MM
  Power Requirements   220V/380V
  Operating environment temperature range   15-35℃
  Working environment humidity range   <70% No condensation

Application Industry

Sheet metal welding, locomotive manufacturing, kitchen and bathroom welding, rail transit industry, building materials industry, advertising industry and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries

What Materials Can Be Processed ?

Stainless steel welding
Stainless steel welding
Stainless steel pipe welding
Metal joint welding
Precision metal welding
Seal welding
Air nozzle seal welding
Iron welding

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