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Automated Production Line

Coil-fed fiber laser cutting system is now fully automated, combining tasks like uncoiling, leveling, cutting, and offloading into one smooth flow. The line's design for batch processing cuts down labor costs and boosts output.

Fully Automated Assembly Line Design

From loading → uncoiling → leveling → cutting → offloading, our line automates the workflow. It saves labor and achieves zero waste, boosting material use efficiency.

Coil-fed Fiber Laser Cutting System Parameters

Model No.
LF-FC 3015
Cutting range
Laser power
Positioning accuracy
Reposition accuracy
Uncoiled plate thickness
Maximum acceleration
Equipment dimensions
Maximum velocity
Total Machine Weight
6.5 T
Uncoiler Load Capacity
15 T

Coil-fed Fiber Laser Cutting Features

With a stress-relieved cantilever for stability, hydraulic expansion, and variable frequency for controlled feeding. Accommodates 500-1500mm widths, up to 5000kg load.

01. Heavy-Duty Uncoiler

High-Efficiency Leveling Machine with adjustable rollers, servo-controlled speeds, and high-precision hard chrome rollers achieving ±0.01 leveling accuracy.
02. Precision Leveling Machine
Servo-driven for precision feeding. The conveyor system automates delivery to the offloading area, boosting efficiency and cutting labor costs.

03. Sync-Feed Roller Platform

  1. Cut parts are automatically moved to the offloading platform and conveyed by a belt system for manual sorting or can be sorted automatically by a robotic arm.

04. Automated Offloading

Fiber Laser Cutting Applications

Fiber laser cutting machine shines in sectors like automotive, aerospace, and construction. It offers precise, efficient solutions for a range of industrial needs.

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