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LCL-B Backpack Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

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At just 12kg, Leapion's laser cleaning machine is much lighter than the usual 300kg models. It melds portability with advanced pulse laser technology for precise cleaning. It's compact, suits many uses, and is easy to use. The long battery life adds to its efficiency and convenience.
  Non-contact, damage-free cleaning
  Efficient, ergonomic, easy-to-use
  Safe with rigorous safety standards
Laser power :

100w Laser Cleaning Machine Technical Specifications

Parameter name
100W air cooled
Maximum output power / W
Fiber beam quality / M2
Pulse length / ns
Laser pulse frequency / KHZ
Single pulse energy / mJ
Cooling method
air cooled
Scan width / mm*0.7
Fiber length / m
Total power / W
Output power instability / %
Laser type
Nanosecond pulse fiber
Center wavelength / nm
Power adjustment range / %
Laser Protection Class
Level 4

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Portable Laser Cleaner Advantage

Lightweight Design

Only weighing 12kg, its backpack design boosts portability for simple transport and use anywhere. Even easy to carry for a thin girl.
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Non-Contact Cleaning

This machine uses non-contact pulse laser technology, ensuring it cleans without damaging the parts. It's ideal for precision tasks.

Versatile Applications

With 8 modes, this laser cleaner enhances cleaning efficiency for various tasks like metal rust removal and non-metal surface prep.

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine for Sale

  1. User-Friendly Operation: Designed for ease of use with straightforward controls.
  2. Safety Features: Includes safety locks and an ergonomic design for secure and comfortable use.
  3. Long Battery Life: Equipped with a lithium battery, enabling continuous work for 80-90 minutes.
  4. Multilingual Support: Comes with a system supporting nine languages and customization options.
  5. Precision Cleaning: It allows for precise cleaning, targeting specific areas and dimensions without affecting surrounding materials.
  6. Chemical-Free: This laser rust paint remover uses no chemicals, offering a safe, eco-friendly cleaning option.
  7. Simple Operation: Mobile laser cleaning machine is designed for ease of use, capable of handheld operation or can be automated with robotic arms.
  8. Ergonomic Design: The design significantly cuts down on strain, making it easy to use for operators.
  9. High Efficiency: mobile laser rust removal works quickly, saving time across different cleaning tasks.
  10. Stable Laser System: The pulse laser cleaning system is stable and requires minimal maintenance.
  11. Optional Mobile Battery Module: You can add a mobile battery to the device for increased portability.
  12. Safety Standards: Leapion portable handheld laser cleaning adheres to safety standards, including electrical safety and laser radiation safety, and requires proper protective measures during operation.

Leapion Pulse Laser Cleaning applications

Explore the Leapion portable laser cleaning machine's range through demonstrations on different materials. See its effectiveness on delicate metal parts and sturdy surfaces, removing rust, paint, and more with ease.

Portable Laser Cleaner Reviews

Real feedback from our clients.

100w Laser Cleaning Machine Industry Applications

Leapion's portable laser rust remover are designed for precision and control in industries that require delicate cleaning and surface treatment. These machines are ideal for applications where maintaining the integrity of the original surface is critical. Here are industries where our 100W pulse laser cleaning stands out:

Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine FAQs

    Q How heavy is the machine, and how portable?

    A "The Backpack Portable Laser Cleaner is extremely light, weighing just 12kg, making it one of the most portable laser cleaners available, suitable for various on-site applications."
  • What's the battery life of the machine?

    "On a full charge, the laser cleaner operates efficiently for 80-90 minutes, ideal for comprehensive cleaning tasks without frequent recharging."
  • How effective is laser power cleaner in removing contaminants?

    "Highly effective, the machine removes tough contaminants like rust and paint. Its pulse laser technology ensures deep cleaning without damaging the substrate."
  • What materials can it safely clean?

    "It’s safe on most metals and several non-metallic materials, suitable for diverse industrial, automotive, and restoration tasks."
  • How is the machine operated?

    "The machine is user-friendly with multiple cleaning modes, allowing adjustments in laser intensity for different cleaning requirements."
  • What safety mechanisms are included?

    "It includes safety mechanisms such as emergency stops, protective housing, and we advise using safety gear following our guidelines."
  • How is the machine maintained?

    "Routine maintenance involves lens cleaning and cooling system checks, ensuring optimal performance and extending the machine's lifespan."
  • Can you tell me more about the laser's power?

    "Equipped with a 100W pulse laser, it's ideal for effective cleaning, minimizing surface damage, especially suitable for delicate tasks."
  • What are the purchase and warranty options?

    "We offer competitive pricing, comprehensive support, and a standard extendable warranty for the machine."
  • How effective is the air cooling system?

    "The air cooling system efficiently maintains temperature, ensuring stable operation and preventing overheating."

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