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Leapion Handheld Laser Cleaner Advantage

Looking for economical, portable, or handheld laser cleaning machine? Leapion laser rust removal has what you need for metal rust removal, paint stripping, and more. Our best laser cleaner for both beginners and professionals, Provide 100W~500W pulse laser cleaning machine and 1000W~3000w continuous laser cleaning machine.
Versatile Applications: Perfect for cleaning metal, ceramics, stone, and rubber mold residues.
Customizable Power Options: Choose from a range of powers - 100W, 200W, 300W, 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, or 3000W.
Economical Efficiency: Our machines provide cost-effective cleaning options without compromising quality or performance.
Expert Support: Free sample production and expert technical support.

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Laser Rust Remover at Its Best

LCL-D Desktop Laser Cleaning Machine

5.0        (75)
Power Range: 1000W - 3000W
Applications: Large steel structures, pipelines
Features: Suitable for scenarios with high heat dissipation efficiency and laser cleaning damage requirements are not strict.
Advantages: Affordable, continuous fiber laser, high efficiency.

LCL-S Suitcase Laser Cleaning Machine

5.0        (56)
Power Range: 100W - 300W
Design: Suitcase-style portability, integrated touch panel
Applications: Precision laser cleaning requiring strict control of substrate temperature
Advantages: Suitable for molds and non-metallic materials

LCL-B Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

5.0        (32)
Weight: 12kg (compared to traditional laser cleaner at 260KG)
Design: Backpack-style, battery-operated, no power cords required
Applications: Outdoor operations
Advantages: Extremely portable and flexible

LW-3W 3 in 1 Laser Welding Machine

5.0        (153)
This laser tool offers welding, cutting, and cleaning with ease. Its ultra-light design and double lenses cut down on maintenance costs. Plus, it includes a smart system that monitors temperature and alerts you if it gets too hot, ensuring cost-effective operation.

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Comprehensive Buying Guide for Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser Rust Removal How it Works

Laser cleaning uses a focused light beam to strip away unwanted materials like dirt or coatings. The laser heats the dirt, causing it to swell and break away from the object. This method is efficient, precise, and keeps the cleaned material safe.

Pulsed Lasers for Delicate Tasks
· Targeted Cleaning: Pulsed lasers emit short, high-energy bursts, ideal for tasks requiring precision.
· Surface-Friendly: They gently clean without overheating the material, crucial for delicate surfaces.
· Selective Removal: Perfect for removing thin layers or specific types of contaminants.

Continuous Wave Lasers for Heavy-Duty Jobs
· Broad Coverage: Continuous lasers provide steady, powerful cleaning for large areas.
· Deep Cleaning: Effective against thick layers of rust or paint, offering thorough cleansing.
· Time-Efficient: Their continuous output makes them a go-to choice for industrial-scale projects.

Laser Rust Removal Machine
Selecting between pulsed and continuous wave lasers depends on your cleaning needs. Pulsed lasers excel in precision, while continuous lasers are about efficiency and coverage.

Leapion Laser Cleaner Cost

Leapion laser cleaning machines have different prices depending on their power. It is used to meet the budgets and requirements of different customers to ensure that the machines they receive can achieve optimal performance. Unlike chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning does not require any consumables. It is a long-term investment with a lifespan of 100,000 hours and can be used repeatedly.

The cost of a laser cleaning machine depends on its configuration. For example:
The power of the laser: the higher the power of the laser source, the higher the price.
Laser Type: Pulsed lasers are generally more expensive than continuous wave lasers due to their precision and control capabilities.

laser cleaning machine cost in Leapion
Continuous laser Cleaning Machine
Continuous fiber laser ranging from 1000W to 3000W, priced between $3,000 and $7,000.
Pulsed laser Cleaning Machine
Pulsed fiber laser Ranging from 100W to 300W, priced between $5,000 and $20,000.

Additional Costs
Aside from the base price, customers should consider additional expenses such as shipping, taxes, customs duties, and other fees.

3-in-1 Laser Machines
A cost-effective option, 3-in-1 machines that offer welding, cleaning, and cutting capabilities, are priced between $5,400 and $7,500, featuring 1000W and 1500W fiber laser power sources.

Continuous Laser Technical Specifications

Parameter Name
1000W water cooled
1500W water cooled
2000W water cooled
3000W water cooled
Maximum output power/W
200 μm
300 μm
300 μm
400 μm
Fiber length/m
Total power/W
Laser Beam Quality, BPP
20~22 mm*mrad
25~28 mm*mrad
25~28 mm*mrad
30~33 mm*mrad
Mode of Operation
Preview red light power
150 μW
Power adjustment range/%
Cooling method
water cooled
Bending Radius
200 mm

Pulse Laser Technical Specifications

Parameter name
100W air cooled
200W air cooled
Maximum output power / W
Fiber beam quality / M2
Pulse length / ns
optional 10、30、
Laser pulse frequency / KHZ
Single pulse energy / mJ
Cooling method
air cooled
air cooled
water cooled
water cooled
water cooled
Scan width / mm*0.7
Fiber length / m
Total power / W
Output power instability / %
Laser type
Nanosecond pulse fiber
Center wavelength / nm
Power adjustment range / %
Laser Protection Class
Level 4

Laser Cleaning Machine Applications Across Industries

Leapion's Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive Service
· Pre-Sale: Expert advice helps you choose the right Leapion laser cleaner for your needs.
· During Sale: Enjoy custom demos and free samples, with clear guidance and help picking the best setup.
· After-Sale: Rely on our full range of services, from troubleshooting to regular upkeep and expert support. If needed, we offer on-site repairs.
· Training: Leapion provides tailored training to master your laser cleaner.
· Warranty: Leapion offers a two-year industry-leading warranty for assurance.

Certifications and Quality Assurance
Leapion proudly meets international standards with certifications from ISO9001 for Quality Management, ISO14001 for Environmental Management, and OHSAS18001 for Occupational Health and Safety. Additionally, we hold the EU's CE certification, US FDA approval, and SGS certification.
Quality Commitment: These endorsements underscore Leapion's dedication to providing laser cleaning solutions that are not only of high quality and reliable but also ensure safety.

Eco-Friendly Technology
Leapion’s laser cleaning cuts environmental impact by minimizing the ecological footprint. Our tech avoids the harmful chemicals common in traditional cleaning, making our machines a safer, greener choice.
Energy and Waste Reduction: Our technology reduces waste and uses less energy than standard cleaning methods, boosting sustainability.

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Laser Cleaning Machine FAQs

    Q What is the cleaning range of Leapion laser rust removal gun?

    The Leapion laser cleaning machines offer an effective cleaning width that caters to a variety of industrial needs.
    For continuous hand held laser rust remover, we provide up to 300mm of cleaning width, while our pulsed laser cleaner offer a cleaning width of 150mm. 
    These dimensions are designed to efficiently cover a wide range of cleaning areas, from small precision parts to larger surface applications.
  • How effective is the cleaning with laser cleaner machine?

    After using a handheld laser rust removal, surfaces are left exceptionally clean, eliminating the need for secondary processing. 
    This level of cleanliness allows you to save time and immediately proceed with further processing. The effectiveness of our laser cleaning ensures that you can maintain a streamlined workflow with confidence in the quality of the surface finish.
  • What is the cleaning efficiency of fiber laser cleaning machine?

    Leapion hand held laser cleaner boast an impressive cleaning efficiency, averaging between 10-15 square meters per hour under standard operating conditions. This rate is based on general levels of contamination, though the actual efficiency can vary depending on the severity of the contamination and the type of material being cleaned. 
  • How long can Leapion fibre laser cleaning machine operate continuously?

    Designed for heavy-duty tasks, Leapion's continuous laser cleaning machines can operate for up to 48 hours without interruption, catering to industrial needs that require extended run times. 
    For more portable options, our handheld pulsed laser cleaning machine can continuously work for 24 hours.
    Backpack laser cleaning equipment offer a continuous operation time of up to 90 minutes, providing flexibility for a variety of on-site applications.
  • What materials can Leapion laser cleaning machines clean?

    Continuous Laser cleaning:
    Leapion’s continuous laser rust cleaner are highly effective on a wide range of materials. They excel at cleaning metal surfaces, efficiently removing rust, paint, and heavy deposits. The laser metal rust remover are particularly suited for dealing with persistent contaminants on robust materials where a continuous and strong cleaning action is required.
    pulse laser cleaning:
    Our pulsed laser cleaning tool specialize in precision cleaning and are gentle enough for a variety of sensitive materials. They are adept at treating surfaces that require careful handling to prevent damage, such as thin metals, coated materials, or composites.
  • What is the lifespan of industrial laser cleaning machine?

    With proper maintenance, Leapion industrial laser cleaner are expected to have a lifespan of up to 10 years, offering long-term, reliable cleaning performance. Additionally, the laser source within the machine is designed to last for up to 100,000 hours, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency throughout the machine's service life.
  • What light modes do Leapion handheld laser rust cleaner offer?

    laser surface cleaning machine are equipped with various light modes to meet different cleaning challenges and operator preferences. 
    We provide 8 distinct modes: elliptical, spiral, linear, triangular, figure-8, solid circle, circular, and square. 
    These versatile light modes enable precise customization for each unique cleaning operation.
  • What is the cooling method used in Leapion laser rust removal tool?

    Leapion laser rust cleaning machine utilize a chiller-based cooling system to ensure stable operation during extended use. This cooling method is essential for maintaining optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of the machine. By efficiently managing heat generated during the cleaning process, the chiller system helps to preserve the integrity of both the laser and mechanical components, ensuring reliable and consistent cleaning results over time.

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