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Do you really know how to use the cutting tools on the CNC carving machine?

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  1、Precautions for tool operation:

  Take our CNC engraving machine as an example, all the cutters are designed to rotate clockwise.

  The appropriate size of the jacket must be selected. Those with cross-section, out of round wear and taper of the inner hole can not provide enough clamping force. The jacket must be replaced immediately or it will cause the handle to vibrate, fly off or break, resulting in danger.

  The clamping sleeve of the tool handle shall be in good contact, and the tool handle must be completely inserted into the clamping sleeve and tightened firmly. If the contact trace of the handle is uneven or there is groove after the tool handle is clamped, it indicates that there is slippage and the inner hole of the clamping sleeve is deformed, and the clamping sleeve shall be replaced immediately.

  Do not continue to use the props when they are blunt. If they continue to be processed, the cutting torque of the tool body will be increased, which will exceed the bearing capacity of the tool body, resulting in tool fracture and even industrial accidents.

  If the straightness and bending of the workpiece are too large, the service life of the tool will be affected, especially when the cutting depth is greater than the cutting thickness of the cutting edge. When the non cutting edge part contacts with the workpiece, high temperature will be generated, and the tool will be deformed, resulting in the bending or fracture of the tool, or even industrial accident.

  Please use proper glasses to ensure the operation.

  The body, clothes, hair and sundries shall not be close to the objects at work.

  2、 The choice of cutting amount of CNC engraving machine tool

  Cutting different materials, its cutting speed is very important to the service life of the tool and the machining quality of the workpiece. A reasonable cutting amount will make the cutting lighter, better and safer.

  Large cutting tools shall be selected for low-speed cutting and slow pushing, with uniform and stable pushing speed and continuous pushing. Remember: there should be no stopping during cutting.

  If a larger diameter tool is used, it can be pushed several times to complete the cutting, which can improve the service life of the tool and make the operation safer.

  3、 Tool retention

  Keep the tool clean and use the special solvent for standard tools to remove the cabinet grease and other impurities.

  Apply appropriate amount of mechanical oil to prevent rust and damage on the tool surface.

  Do not grind the tool or change the shape of the tool without permission, because each grinding process requires the special tool's mechanical equipment and special tool's grinding skills to meet the use requirements, otherwise it is easy to cause cutting edge fracture and industrial accidents.

  Bearings shall not be cleaned with diesel or kerosene or other solvents, otherwise special grease inside will be damaged, and dust and dirt can be blown out.leapion

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