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The following points should be done before starting the CNC engraving machine

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  Before starting the CNC engraving machine, make preparations to avoid equipment failure and normal use due to improper operation. Next, Youda CNC engraving machine manufacturer will introduce how to carry out the specific work for you in detail.

  1. The operator shall be familiar with the performance, processing range and accuracy of the machine tool according to the operation manual of the woodworking CNC carving machine, and master the function and operation method of the machine tool and its CNC device or each part of the computer.

  2. Check whether each switch, knob and handle are in the correct position.

  3. Start the control electrical part and preheat according to the regulations.

  4. Start the CNC engraving machine to make it idle, and check the sensitivity of each switch, button, knob and handle and whether the lubrication system is normal.

  5. Be familiar with the machining path and workpiece origin.

  6. Working environment

  (1) Ensure the ambient temperature of the operation room, and pay special attention to the temperature of the operation room in winter. CNC engraving machine to achieve room temperature, at least CNC engraving machine manufacturer's technical personnel will not feel very cold.

  (2) When the machine is not in use, if the room temperature is low, pour out the water in the water tank to prevent the water tank and water pipe from cracking. The influence of temperature on the CNC engraving machine for the cabinet door is not great, but because many customers add butter to the lead screw and forget to clean it in winter, the machine can not be opened every time when it is started. The temperature in some studios is very low, although the engine oil is added, it is still frozen, and the machine can not be operated.

  (3) Check the applicable temperature of the refueling standard, and at least reach Zui low temperature.

  (4) The humidity of the operation room should not be too high, otherwise the electrical parts of the machine are easy to be consumed.

  (5) We must pay attention to the electromagnetic interference in the operation room. If the interference is too large, it is easy to affect the machining accuracy of the cabinet door CNC carving machine.

  7. Sanitary cleaning

  After the use of Jinan CNC engraving machine, we must pay attention to cleaning the dust and sawdust on the table and exposed electrical accessories, including the guide rail and slide block of the machine, including the lead screw and spindle motor of the machine, the industrial control box, especially the slightly more dust in the industrial control box will cause problems in the operation of the circuit board, and it is easy to break points and run around.

  8. Computer maintenance

  (1) Clean the dust of the cabinet regularly, use the air spray gun and small brush to clean regularly, and be careful that too much dust causes the industrial control card to come out. Pay attention to the heat dissipation device of the chassis, especially in summer, and be careful to burn the circuit board and other equipment due to the high temperature of the control line.

  (2) Regularly clean up the computer garbage and disk fragments, optimize the computer system, and maintain the stability of the computer system.

  (2) Regularly check and kill computer viruses, but pay attention not to turn on the anti-virus level when working, and be careful of interference.

  In order to improve the utilization rate of the CNC engraving machine, the CNC engraving machine manufacturer suggests that you make preparations in advance. You can run the equipment to check whether it can be used normally, and then formally carry out the work, so as to avoid problems in the later use of the equipment.leapion

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