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Leapion Laser Welder Products

LW-W Handheld Laser Welder

      5.0
Our laser technology is advanced yet easy to use and efficient. 
It delivers results quickly and with greater precision compared to TIG welding.
You can adjust the welding settings with six modes to control speed and precision effectively.

LW-3W 3 in 1 Laser Welding Machine

      5.0
This laser tool offers welding, cutting, and cleaning with ease. It's ultra-light design and double lenses cut down on maintenance costs. Plus, it includes a smart system that monitors temperature and alerts you if it gets too hot, ensuring cost-effective operation.

LW-M Small Laser Welding Machine

      5.0
Portable size helps save on transportation costs. Can even be put in the trunk of a car.Compact design frees up space and reduces equipment footprint. Suitable situations requiring flexible equipment mobility.

LW-R Automatic Laser Welding Machine

      5.0
Robots are specifically designed for laser welding tasks. They boast robust load-bearing capabilities and can operate for extended periods without rest. This guarantees precise and reliable quality for each welding task.
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Fiber Laser Welding
Power levels range from 1000W to 3000W to meet varied metalworking needs. Our machines are built for the highest accuracy, achieving welding precision of up to 0.5mm. They ensure perfect joints every time. The design is focused on ease of use; operators can master the basics in just 10 minutes. 
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6 Laser Welding Modes
From precise spot welding to continuous welding. choose the most suitable mode, ensure you get the best results and quality every time you laser weld.

Laser Welder Technical Parameters

Model No.
Laser power supply
Laser welding ability
Carbon steel: 3mm
Stainless steel: 3mm
Aluminum: 1mm
Carbon steel: 4mm
Stainless steel: 4mm
Aluminum: 2mm
Carbon steel: 5mm
Stainless steel: 5mm
Aluminum: 3mm
Carbon steel: 8mm
Stainless steel: 8mm
Aluminum: 6mm
Operating mode
Continuous / Modulation
Power adjustment range
Output central wavelength
Cooling method
Water cooling / Air cooling (LW-M Small Laser Welder)
Welding line requirements
Welding speed
Smoke Purifier
2000w laser welding machine
Maximum Welding Depth
Depends on material type and power, usually between several millimeters and several centimeters, Please refer to the picture.

The Leapion Laser Welder Advantage

Precision Engineering & Operational Efficiency: Leapion's laser welding technology combines power and precision. With settings from 1000W to 3000W, it achieves up to 0.5mm accuracy. Fast speeds, up to 120 mm/s, enhance productivity without sacrificing quality.

Reliability, Longevity & Quality Materials: Leapion's welding machines are robust and long-lasting, crafted from high-quality stainless steel. They promise a lengthy lifespan with minimal upkeep. These machines run quietly, creating a better work atmosphere.

Ease of Use & Intuitive Design: Leapion delivers a user-friendly welding tool. The welder gun is lightweight and ergonomic. Its touchscreen is intuitive, making the setup quick. Operators can master it with just a little training. It also ensures comfort for the user during long-term use.

Cost-Effectiveness & Comprehensive Service: Leapion offers competitive prices. The operating costs are low. Its machines include safety features like overheat protection and emergency stops. We provide comprehensive after-sales services. These include training, maintenance, and technical support. This gives our customers confidence.

Safety Standards & Environmental Considerations: Leapion prioritizes safety. Each machine has key safety features to safeguard users and the environment. laser welding machine by Leapion cut down on waste and emissions. This supports eco-friendly operations.

Customer Satisfaction & Innovation Leadership: Leapion earns praise across sectors for its focus on quality and efficiency. Leading in innovation, Leapion keeps improving its laser welding technology. It strives to meet modern manufacturing's changing needs.

Customer Service and Support

Pre-Sales Service
Expert Consultation: The Leapion team specializes in detailed consultations. We guide you through our high-quality laser welders. Our goal is to understand your needs and suggest ways to boost your efficiency.
Hands-On Demos: See Leapion's laser welding excellence yourself. Our demos show off our welders' advanced features. You'll see the quality and precision that distinguish our products.

During Sales Service
Customized Setups: We work with you to design laser welding solutions tailored to your workflow. This ensures your Leapion welder delivers optimal performance and quality.
In-Depth Training: Unlock the potential of our laser welders. Our training programs aim to make your team experts in cutting-edge welding techniques for peak productivity.

After-Sales Service
24/7 Technical Support: Leapion's outstanding service includes all-day support. We keep your operations smooth, without interruptions.
Maintenance and Repairs: Extend your welder's life with our regular maintenance and prompt repair services. We minimize downtime and protect your investment.

Laser Welding Machines Review & Video

"Got the handheld laser welder and was up and running in just 10 minutes! Its simplicity and efficiency are impressive. Perfect for quick, precise jobs."
—— Ryan
"Love the versatility of the 3 in 1 laser welder! Welding, cutting, cleaning in one machine - great value and performance. It's a multitasking powerhouse."
—— Adrian
"Robot laser welder's precision and speed have transformed our production. It's easy to program and operates flawlessly. Ideal for large volume work."
—— Andrew
"Portable laser welder is a small wonder! Space-saving and powerful, it handles a variety of projects with ease. Quality welding in a compact package."
—— Eli

Leapion Laser Welding Machine Review

Leapion Laser Welder FAQs

    Do laser welders need gas?

    Laser welding often requires gases like nitrogen or argon. These gases are important. 
    They protect the molten metal from air and improve the laser welding. This is crucial for getting precise and high-quality welds. 
    Our handheld laser welding machines are made for materials such as stainless steel. They are designed to weld faster and make the welds stronger and better.
  • How long do laser welders last?

    The lifespan of a laser welder primarily depends on the life of the laser itself. 
    Our handheld laser welding machines, such as the wholesale LW-W handheld laser welding machines we offer, incorporate advanced laser technology to ensure efficient and lasting performance. 
    Generally, these laser welding machines can operate for over 100,000 hours under normal working conditions. 
    Whether you're looking for a laser welder handheld or a specific model of a handheld laser welding machine, we provide high-quality equipment to meet your needs.
  • What metals can a laser welder weld?

    A laser welder, particularly a handheld fiber laser welding machine, is versatile and can weld a wide range of metals. 
    It works excellently with common metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. 
    The precision of handheld fiber laser welding also makes it ideal for more delicate metals, ensuring clean and strong welds across various metal types.
  • Is laser welding as strong as arc welding?

    Yes, laser welding, especially when using tools like handheld fiber laser welding machine, can be as strong as arc welding. 
    In fact, hand held welding laser often provide better precision and cleaner joins. They generate less heat, which means there's less distortion in the materials being welded. 
    This makes laser welding a great choice for jobs that need high strength and accuracy.
  • What is the greatest hazard to a welder while laser welding?

    The main hazard for welders using hand laser welding machines or fiber laser welding handheld devices is exposure to laser light. This light can be harmful to both the eyes and skin. 
    To stay safe, it's important for welders to always wear special goggles that protect against laser light. They should also use protective clothing. 
    Good ventilation in the welding area is key to avoid breathing in any smoke or particles. By wearing the right gear and keeping the air clear, welders can reduce these risks and work safely.
  • How thick can the laser welder weld?

    The welding capability of our handheld laser welder machine varies based on the power output. For the fiber laser welding machine handheld, the thickness it can weld is as follows:
    1000w models: Can weld up to 3mm in carbon steel and stainless steel, and 1mm in aluminum.
    1500w models: Capable of welding up to 4mm in carbon steel and stainless steel, and 2mm in aluminum.
    2000w models: Suitable for welding up to 5mm in carbon steel and stainless steel, and 3mm in aluminum.
    3000w models: These robust models can handle up to 8mm in carbon steel and stainless steel, and 6mm in aluminum.
    For 3000w Double-sided welding: It excels at welding thicknesses up to 15mm in carbon steel and stainless steel, and up to 10mm in aluminum.
    Our handheld laser welder machine meet a variety of industrial needs, offering metalworking versatility.

Leapion as a manufacturer of laser welding machines, is committed to providing excellent service and support!

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