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Fiber laser welding machine play a crucial role in modern manufacturing industries, offering advanced welding capabilities using high-energy laser beams. With its exceptional advantages and precision, Metal laser welding machine have become the preferred tool for many businesses.
Experience precise and efficient metal welding with a fiber laser welder from the Leapion factory.Leapion laser welding machine offers superior performance at an affordable price, Achieve seamless connection for various metal materials, As a leading manufacturer and supplier, Leapion offer competitive prices and direct wholesale options, making it easier for you to access top-notch equipment straight from the factory in China.

Fiber Laser Welders Manufacturer

High-precision handheld fiber laser welder, designed for optimal control and eco-friendly operation. This state-of-the-art 1000W 1500W continuous laser machine delivers fast, accurate metal welding results while minimizing environmental impact.
3-in-1 handheld fiber laser welder combines welding, cutting, and cleaning capabilities. Price for 1 machine offering flexible processing options and precise control for all your metal and steel welding, cutting, and cleaning needs.
Robot laser welder utilizes a 6-axis CNC robotic arm to control the laser welding gun, ensuring consistent and safe welding. Compared to handheld welding, Robotic Welding delivers higher precision and greater flexibility.
1000W 1500W Fiber Mini Laser Welder is built for portability and ease of use. This compact, eco-friendly device offers a convenient, energy-efficient solution for all your laser welding needs, without compromising on performance or quality.
The following are examples of technical specifications for laser welding machine:
Power Range
1000W - 3000W
Repetition frequency
1 Hz - 100 Hz
Laser source type
Fiber laser
Control system
Digital control system, support real-time monitoring

and adjustment of welding parameters
Cooling method
Water cooling system/ air cooling (small laser welder)

Temperature of laser and welding head stable
Welding head type
hand-held welding head
Welding control method Manual operation or automatic control (for example,
robot control)
Maximum welding depth: depends on material type and power, usually between several millimeters and several centimeters, please refer to the left picture or get help.

Leapion as a manufacturer of laser welding machines, is committed to providing excellent service and support!

Pre-sales Service
Free sample production: We understand that customers may want to evaluate the performance and results of our laser welding machines before making a purchase. Therefore, we offer free sample production, allowing customers to experience the outstanding quality and performance of our products.
Professional consultation and solutions: Our sales team provides professional consulting services, understanding customers' needs, and offering customized solutions. We work closely with customers to ensure they select the laser welding machine that best suits their applications.
Mid-sales Service
Professional technical training: Our technical team provides comprehensive technical training to ensure customers have a thorough understanding of the operation, maintenance, and safety precautions of the laser welding machines. We are dedicated to enabling customers to operate the equipment proficiently and maximize its potential.
After-sales Service
On-site support: As part of our commitment to customer care, we offer on-site support to address any issues customers may encounter during the usage of our products. Our technical team responds promptly to customer requests, providing professional repair and support to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
24/7 online service: We understand that customers may face issues at any time. Therefore, we provide 24/7 online service. Customers can reach us through various communication channels, and we will respond promptly and provide the necessary support.
Leapion is striving to become the best service-oriented laser welding machine manufacturer and supplier. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Whether it's pre-sales, mid-sales, or after-sales stages, we maintain close communication with customers, providing professional support and solutions to help them leverage the advantages of laser welding machine and achieve exceptional results.


  • Q What is laser welding?

    Laser welding is a process that utilizes the concentrated energy of a laser to achieve metal welding. 
    The laser beam is focused within the welding gun, creating a focal point. Through the interaction between the laser and the metal being welded, a highly concentrated heat source area is formed at the welding site in a very short period of time. The thermal energy causes the area to melt, and upon cooling and crystallization, a strong weld point and seam are formed.
  • Q How does laser welding work?

    Laser welding process can be divided into the following steps:
    1. A laser beam generated by the laser source is focused on the surface of the material to be welded through a lens and a laser welding gun, forming a small light spot.
    2. The light spot creates a strong thermal effect on the material surface, causing it to rapidly heat up to its melting point and form a liquid or gaseous molten pool.
    3. The laser beam moves along a predetermined path, causing the molten pool to extend in the direction of the weld seam. At the same time, due to surface tension, adjacent materials flow into the molten pool, filling any gaps.
    4. After the laser beam moves away, the molten pool cools and solidifies quickly, forming a uniform, dense, and high-strength weld seam.
    In summary, laser welding uses a high-intensity laser beam to melt and fuse materials together.
  • Q Where is laser welding used?

    A Undoubtedly, the primary purpose of a laser welding machine is welding.
    It is not only capable of welding metals such as stainless steel plates and aluminum plates, but also suitable for joining sheet metal parts, Laser welder can perform welding in flat, linear, curved, and arbitrary shapes, making it widely applicable in industries like machinery, automotive parts, and kitchen utensils. With higher production efficiency, it offers a more significant advantage over traditional argon arc welding.
    Furthermore, 3 in 1 laser welding machine also has the functions of laser cutting and laser cleaning.
  • Q What is a laser welder?

    A Laser welding machine is an efficient and high-quality equipment for metal welding. It utilizes a focused laser beam as the energy source to securely connect materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Compared to traditional arc welding, laser welding machines offer higher processing efficiency, safer and simpler operation, and are environmentally friendly with no pollution. Moreover, the resulting weld seams are smooth, visually appealing, and require no additional treatment, such as deburring.
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