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Leapion Tube Laser Cutter Product Description

tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine
Leapion offers a 3D cutting head and dedicated software for pipe layout, catering to diverse customer cutting needs.

The pneumatic chucks, powered by high-power YASKAWA servo motors and utilizing rack drive systems, ensure precise, fast, and durable performance. They support round tubes, square tubes, and various special-shaped tubes.

The cutting section features a protective cover, and the pneumatic protective door can be easily opened with button control for inspecting the cutting head.The bed can be customized to accommodate different lengths based on customer requirements.

Automatic Clamping
The standard fiber laser tube cutting machine features fully automatic pneumatic chucks at both the front and rear ends. These chucks offer a diagonal adjustable range of 20-350mm, providing versatile and secure clamping options for a wide variety of tube sizes.

Automatic Support Bracket
Our machine comes with an intelligent automatic support bracket system that adapts to various types of pipes. This innovative feature effectively solves the issue of long pipe deformation, ensuring consistent cutting quality across different materials and lengths.

Intelligent Recognition
With contour recognition system, it can automatically identify standard round, oval, square and other special-shaped pipes.

Tubes realize non-inductive and high-efficiency detection, and realize the position deviation of the whole meter section’s cutting accuracy within 0.15mm.

LF-T Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Video

Our video guide walks you through each feature, starting with a comprehensive machine introduction. You'll also see an operating demonstration and hear directly from satisfied clients. Intrigued about how it could work for your specific design? Don't hesitate! Send us a DXF file and we'll provide a free sample test video within just 5 days.

Tube Laser Machine Technical Parameters

  Mode   LF-6024T   LF-6035T
  Min Diameter   Φ20mm □20mm   Φ20mm □20mm
  Max Diameter   Φ240mm □240mm   Φ350mm □350mm
  Laser Power Supply   1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 6000w
  Maximum Acceleration   1.5G
  Positioning Accuracy   ±0.03mm
  Voltage   380V 3PH50/60HZ
  Chuck Speed   60r/min
  Upgrade   Alr Conditioner, Smoke Puriher, Air Compressor,         Voltage Reglator, Satety Lignt Curtain

If you're unsure about which model of laser tube machine to choose, please contact us. 
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Tube Laser Cutting Machine Key Features

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