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09 - 12
What can I do with a laser cutting machine?
  CO2 laser cutters are capable of cutting and engraving a wide range of
non-metallic materials such as wood, paper, acrylic, textiles, and leather
....  A laser cutter is a computer controlled machine that uses a laser beam to
precisely cut or engrave material. A laser is basically just highly f
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09 - 24
How to choose the best laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine
  Maybe you want to add personalization to your business?  Why not invest in a laser cutter and engraving machine?  Technology has reached a point where everyday individuals can purchase an
entry-level laser cutter for an affordable price.  If you’re a business and want to take it to the next level
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09 - 17
Cutting round hole is not round? Tell you how I adjust the fiber laser cutting machine!
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09 - 15
Leapion sincerely invites you to visit the 2020 Shanghai International Sign Expo
·On September 17-19, 2020, the 20th Shanghai International Sign Expo, the annual "Oscar" event of the global advertising and sign industry, will be grandly opened at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. Intelligent manufacturing is popular all over the world, and the transformation and
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09 - 08
What is the difference between co2 laser and fiber laser?
  If your application is laser cutting of metals, you’ll most likely need a
high-power CW (continuous wave) fiber laser. For other materials like plastics
and rubber, it can be one or the other.  If you’re looking to mark metal, what you need to buy is a fiber laser. If
you’re looking to mark org
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08 - 27
What materials should not be cut with a laser cutter?
  Laser cutting machine favorite device has a specific material, it works
with.some materials you should not use laser machining. Even though laser
machines can handle an expansive scope of materials, now and again, a client
requests that we make material testing on a thing that isn’t produced us
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08 - 21
what can laser cutting machine do?
  Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a laser processing equipment used to
cut, carve and punch metal plates. It uses the beam emitted by the laser to
irradiate the surface of the object to be processed, releases a lot of energy
instantly, melts the workpiece of the irradiated part, and achiev
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08 - 07
Why does automobile manufacturing need laser processing
  After entering the 21st century, in the automotive industry of Japan, the
United States and Europe, people pay more and more attention to maintaining
their competitiveness in the market, especially the R & D ability. Small
batch production and customized production have become a development dir
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LC Laser Cutting
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LC-MN Laser Cutting
& Engraving Machine
LF-ST Dual-use Sheet & Tube
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-H Flatbed Fiber Laser
Cutting Machine
LF-STE Double platforms Sheet & Tube
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-STP Enclosed Sheet & Tube
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-E Entry-level Economy
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-Mi High Precision
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-PE Enclosed Protective
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-T Tube fiber laser cutting machine

LF-EX Exchange Platform
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


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