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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applications

Fiber laser cutting machine can be used in various fields. It is an efficient, accurate and convenient tool, but also the inevitable trend of application in the field of industrial development. After nearly two decades of industrial development, it has developed into an indispensable tool in the field of metal manufacturing.

Laser cutting is to irradiate a laser beam on the material to be cut, so that the material is heated, melted, and vaporized, and the melt is blown away with high-pressure gas to form a hole, and then the beam moves on the material, and the hole continuously forms a slit. In general thermal c



The difference between lubricants for linear guides

Lubricants for rails are divided into three categories: (1) Rail oil (slide oil)(2) Dual-purpose oil for hydraulic rails (3) Grease. The most important characteristics of rail oil are its strong adhesion and water washout resistance, as well as extremely strong resistance to extreme pressure.



The difference between traditional co2 metal cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machine

Leaping machinery has been engaged in the application field of high-power laser technology. At present, the laser cutting machines used for material cutting can be roughly divided into two types: fiber laser cutting machines and CO2 laser cutting machines. As the mainstream traditional laser cut



The advantages of SMC pneumatic components compared to other brands

The advantages of SMC pneumatic components compared to other brands Pneumatic components are performing work through the pressure or the force generated by gas expansion, that is, the components that convert the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, air motors, ste



The difference between linear motor and "ball screw + servo motor"

The linear motor was invented by the British in 1845, but the air gap of the linear motor at that time was too large and the efficiency was very low, so it could not be applied. After the 1970s, Kollmorgen was also launched, but its development was limited due to high cost and low efficiency. It

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