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Glass Laser Engraving & Etching

With a laser engraving machine you can implement simple, precise and impressive engravings on glass, mirror or crystal. Achieve fascinating matt effects, the finest contours or details – whether you laser engrave photos, texts or logos into glass. Engrave wine glasses, champagne glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, bottles, mirrors or window glass with special effects. This process is particularly easy using the rotary engraving attachment. A wine glass or other drinking glass with an individual engraving, e.g. for various celebrations, is a perfect and memorable gift. In this way, every laser-engraved glass is unique.

Suitable metals for laser marking and engraving

Interior design
Automotive industry
Gift items
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 Cast glass

 Container glass

 Float glass

 Pressed glass





 Crystal glass

 Mirror glass

 Sheet glass

 Window glass




Glass laser engraving

Engrave glass simply and precisely with a leapion laser engraving machine.​ Laser etched glass produces a fascinating matte effect. Very fine contours and details can be etched into glass as photos, lettering or logos, e.g. on wine glasses, Champagne flutes, beer glasses, bottles, mirror or window glass. Personalized gifts for parties or corporate events are memorable and make laser-engraved glass unique.

Industrial laser marking: Examples of applications

What is the point of buying a laser for industrial metal marking?

Why should I buy a laser for glass engraving?

With a leapion Laser machine​, there is no risk of glass breakage due to non-contact processing. With a glass engraving machine, no templates are required like they are with sandblasting; the etching is done directly on the glass surface. If the glass really must be engraved deeply with sandblasting, the laser engraving machine is useful for producing the perfect templates. Firmly apply the sandblasting film onto the work piece and cut out the motif with the laser device, the workpiece can then be sandblasted right away.


Function and advantages of laser technology

  • The fiber laser cutting machine can be used for both plane cutting and bevel cutting, and the edges are neat and smooth, which is suitable for high-precision cutting of metal sheets. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products with space saving and gas consumption and high photoelectric conversion rate.

    Advantages of a Leapion laser

    • Excellent beam quality and good cutting quality

    • Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

    • No burr in the cutting, high cutting precision

    • Auto focus, easy to operate and maintain

    • Very low cost of use, cost-effective

    • Closed design, safe and pollution free

    • Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

  • The CO2 laser cutting machine adopts a focusing mirror to focus the CO2 laser beam on the surface of the material to melt the material, while blowing the melted material with a compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam, and moving the laser beam and the material relative to each other along a certain trajectory to form a slit of a certain shape

    Advantages of a Leapion laser

    • The output continuous laser is to make the cutting section smoothest.

    • The laser cutting head does not contact with the surface of the material and no damage to the workpiece.

    • Can cut non-metallic materials and has a wide cutting range.

    • No need for molds, saving production costs.

  • Fiber laser marking machine, with the good beam quality. Its output center is 1064nm, the whole machine life is longer about 100,000 hours, compared with other types of laser markers. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is more than 28%, relative 2%-10% conversion efficiency of other types of laser marking machine. Besides that it has outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection.

    Advantages of a Leapion laser

    • Can process a variety of metal, non-metallic materials.

    • Belonging to non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good marking quality.

    • Thin laser beam is thin, small processing material consumption and the processing heat affected zone.

    • High processing efficiency, computer control, easy to automate

LASER Product Recommendations

The data are for reference only


LC Laser Cutting & Engraving 

LC-MN Laser Cutting & Engraving

LC-Mi Mini Laser Engraving

LC-MN Laser Cutting & Engraving

Can round or conical objects be engraved?

This fiber laser cutting machine is a special cutting tool for the metal advertising industry. 

Stable work bench and long service life. 

Easy to maintain, smooth cutting surface, no burrs, saving time and effort. 

The machine is economic and competitive.

Can glass break during laser engraving?

Generally, the workpiece is burred. Possible reasons include:

(1)The laser focus position is offset, and the focus position test is performed, and the offset is adjusted according to the offset of the laser focus; 

(2)The output power of the laser is not enough. It is necessary to check whether the work of the laser generator is normal. If it is normal, observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct, if it is not adjusted properly; 

(3)The cutting line speed is too slow, and it is necessary to increase the line speed during operation control;

(4)The cutting gas is not pure enough to provide high quality cutting working gas; 

(5)The instability of the machine tool running time is too long. At this time, it needs to be shut down and restarted.

How to get a clear, white engraving?

The reason why the laser is not completely cut:

(1)The selection of the laser nozzle does not match the thickness of the processing plate, and the nozzle or processing plate is replaced; 

(2)The laser cutting line speed is too fast, and the operation control is required to reduce the line speed.

Can mirrors be engraved as well?

Color change on the material guarantees highest legibility. Laser marking with color change is basically an electrical process, which reorders the macromolecules (by changing the direction). When the low carbon steel is cut normally, the fire bouquet is long, flat, and has fewer splits. The occurrence of abnormal sparks will affect the smoothness and quality of the cut section of the workpiece. 

In this case, if other parameters are normal, the following should be considered: 

(1) The laser head nozzle has serious loss, and the nozzle should be replaced in time; 

(2) In the case of no new nozzle replacement, the working gas pressure should be increased; 

(3) If the thread at the joint between the nozzle and the laser head is loose, the cutting should be suspended immediately, check the connection state of the laser head, and re-thread the thread.

How to get the best effect of photo engraving on glass?

Use gray scale rasterization of 70 % black; thereby somewhat less heat is applied to the glass, and the result is better. We recommend an average resolution of 500 dpi and the use of the “ordered dithering” rasterization method; this fits the image data optimally to the material.

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