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  No damage to materials
  6 cleaning patterns
  Green and environmental protection
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Handheld Laser Cleaner Features
Leapion portable pulse laser cleaning machine is a convenient laser cleaning device that looks like a suitcase and can be used for cleaning operations anytime, anywhere. The device uses pulsed laser technology to quickly and accurately clean various surfaces, such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. In addition, the device has multiple cleaning modes to choose from, which can be adjusted according to different cleaning needs for more precise cleaning results. The device does not require the use of chemical cleaning agents, making it environmentally friendly and energy-saving, while also reducing the risk of harm to personnel and equipment. In terms of operation, the portable suitcase-style pulsed laser cleaning machine is simple and easy to use, suitable for use in various occasions, providing users with a more efficient cleaning solution.

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Green and environmental protection
Laser cleaning machines offer high cleaning standards through fixed-point contact cleaning, effectively removing micron-sized pollution particles while also protecting brittle material surfaces. They are environmentally friendly and do not require any consumables. Moreover, they avoid any damage caused by chemical corrosion as they do not use chemical cleaning agents.
No damage to materials
Pulsed laser beam offer precise positioning and cleaning without damaging materials, making them ideal for sensitive surfaces such as aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, or coated materials. They can clean even minor crevices and offer high flexibility in use.
Laser cleaning head
The laser cleaning head has a clever internal design that is completely sealed, preventing the optical part from being polluted by dust. It's also lightweight and ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. The operation is simple and easy to learn with just one hand. The protective lens adopts a convenient drawer structure for easy replacement.
Special pulse laser source
laser cleaner offers pulsed laser power ranging from 100w to 1000w. At 100W power, the light is Gaussian, while at 200W power, both Gaussian and flat-top light are optional. When the power is above 300W, the light is flat-top. Gaussian light provides relatively concentrated energy for deeper cleaning, while flat-top light distributes energy evenly, resulting in a relatively smooth surface after cleaning.
Laser cleaning system
Laser cleaning system features a touch screen control panel with eye-catching buttons that supports multiple languages. Various parameter graphics are pre-stored, and six cleaning patterns are available, including straight line, spiral, circle, rectangle, rectangle fill, and circle fill. Additionally, 12 different modes can be quickly switched and selected, making it convenient for production and debugging purposes.
Smoke purifier
If a laser cleaning machine is equipped with a smoke purifier during the cleaning process, it can effectively remove most of the smoke and dust, thereby avoiding harm to the operator and the environment. Additionally, the dust can be filtered and collected through the machine's 4-stage filter dust collection system.
Technical Parameters
  Mode   LCL Laser Cleaning Machine
  Laser Type   Pulsed Laser
  Fiber Laser Power   100w-1000w
  Laser head scanning range   100 × 100、180 × 180
  Head Type   LightWeight Handheld
  Cooling Type   Wind Cooling
  Laser Source Brand   MAX, Raycus, IPG, Reci, Leapion, etc.
  Control Panel   Touch Screen
  Laser head operating mode   Manual/Auto
  Max average power(W)   100, 200, 300, 500, 1000
  Power range(%)   10 - 100
  Output central wavelength   1080
  Bandwidth(nm)   4-6
  Pulse repetition rate(kHz)   20
  Min bending radius (mm)   200
  Fibre length(m)   5 or 10
  System power supply requirement   220V or 380V
  Power Consumption(W)   < 2000
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Application Industry

Metalworking Industry, Locomotive Manufacturing Industry, Machinery Industry, Household Appliance Manufacturing Industry, 3C electronics industry, Hardware Tool Processing Industry, Decorative Advertising Industry and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.

What Materials Can Be Processed ?

Rust removal on metal surfaces
Surface oil, stain, dirt cleaning
Stone statues
Rubber mold residue cleaning
Surface paint removal treatment
Removal of surface platings and coatings

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