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How to ensure the smoothness of laser cutting machine?

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  Users who have used laser cutting machine should know that its cutting effect is very good, and can automatically deburring after cutting, so we don't need to worry about its rough surface. However, if you want to get a good cutting effect, you need to take some measures to ensure it.

  Every drawing of mechanical parts put into mechanical processing has the technical requirements for deburring. In deburring process, process personnel are often unable to prepare process documents, and usually file, cloth wheel, abrasive cloth, abrasive belt and other methods are used to remove the burrs. With the progress of science and technology and the development of production, manual deburring has not been able to meet the requirements of modern market competitive product quality and production mode. Laser cutting machine finishing technology has gradually replaced the traditional deburring technology, and more and more people pay attention to it. At present, the finishing and finishing of some advanced enterprise mechanical parts have been incorporated into the technical requirements of drawings by technical personnel Content, and formed a standard process.

  Laser cutting machine processing, from the process point of view, is only the primary processing steps of materials. For most machining, the flatness and finish of cutting parts can meet the requirements of secondary processing. Of course, for some sheet metal processing and other finishing, there are still some gaps in the accuracy of CNC cutting. With the rapid development of laser cutting machine application technology in recent years The surface finish of cutting materials has also been significantly improved. The following will mainly communicate with users on this issue.

  The laser cutting machine processing technology has been widely used in the finishing of automobile parts: intake and exhaust pipe, intake valve, supercharging chamber, fuel injector, fuel injector, cylinder head, turbine shell and blade, spline, gear, brake, etc. For example, when the rough cylinder head castings are on the special two station abrasive flow production line, the hourly production capacity can reach 30 pieces, and the roughness can reach Ra0.4 μ m from RA4 μ m or ra5 μ m, which can reduce the exhaust emission by 7%, increase the engine power by 6%, and increase the driving mileage by 5%.

  The micro hole abrasive flow technology of laser cutting machine developed recently is unique in the processing of fuel injection nozzle. According to the relationship among extrusion pressure, abrasive temperature and viscosity, it carries out complex program calculation. In the process of machining, when the set flow rate of the nozzle reaches, the machining will stop automatically. The processing time is about 10 seconds, and the flow dispersion can be controlled within ± 1%. With this processing equipment, there are flow tester and high-pressure cleaning equipment. These equipment can provide single station or multi station according to the needs of users. It can also be a complete system with manipulator connection, including processing, measurement and cleaning.

  Above is the use of laser cutting machine related knowledge, I do not know if you read these contents after there is no clear place?

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