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What are the technical requirements for operating the laser cutting machine?

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  Users who have used the metal laser cutting machine should be aware that its use method is relatively complex, and the technical requirements are relatively high. If there is an error in the operation process, it is a very troublesome thing to solve, so we should learn how to use it first. The details are as follows:

  Every year, a lot of users consult the use of metal laser cutting machine. It is mentioned that there are a large number of people who can't draw pictures. They are often able to operate and adjust the fire, but they can't steal the pictures. In this case, don't rush to buy them first, because they can't draw pictures, which means they can't use them well after buying them. There will be many difficulties in the middle! So Jianyi wants to buy a metal laser cutting machine. We must have our own drawing staff. At least we need to know a kind of CAD drawing software, whether it's AutoCAD, CAXA or other mechanical drawing software. As long as we can draw the drawing and save it in DWG or DXF format!

  The wide application of metal laser cutting machine makes many users who used to use traditional manual steel plate cutting and processing very happy! Because manual cutting, whether it is manpower or cutting effect and efficiency can not be compared with CNC cutting, the cost is at least 2 times higher! Although CNC cutting efficiency is high, cutting effect is good, but for traditional operators, there are still some difficulties, because they generally do not have access to the computer, do not use the computer drawing, nesting software typesetting and other operations!

  In order to meet the needs of the market, the rapid development of CNC system technology also provides conditions for the technological progress of CNC machine tools. Modern manufacturing technology puts forward higher requirements for CNC technology. As soon as possible, through the combination of software and hardware, we can optimize the processing flow of the metal laser cutting machine, which can control the manufacturing cost of the enterprise. This is also the current domestic enterprise As one of the focuses of attention, the following will briefly introduce some of the world's CNC technology and equipment development mainly reflected in the following technical features.

  Intellectualization is a major development direction of manufacturing technology in the 21st century. Intelligent processing is based on neural network control, fuzzy control, digital network technology and theoretical processing. It is to simulate the intelligent activities of human experts in the process of processing, so as to solve many uncertainties in the process of processing, which can only be solved by artificial intervention. The intelligent content includes all aspects in the CNC system:

  In order to pursue the intelligent processing efficiency and quality, such as adaptive control, automatic generation of process parameters; in order to improve the driving performance and convenient connection, such as feedforward control, adaptive calculation of motor parameters, automatic identification of load selection model, self-tuning, etc.; to simplify programming, simplify the operation of intelligent, such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent human-machine interface, etc.; intelligent Diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, convenient system diagnosis and maintenance.

  The above content is the correct use method of the metal laser cutting machine introduced by Xiaobian for you. You should not have any doubts after reading it.

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