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How to deal with the difficulty of stone CNC router carving

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  How is the depth of Stone CNC router carving? When I buy it, the carving is good. Why are there different depths of sculpture now. It's totally different from when I bought it. Did I buy a fake? Or the problem of my operation?

  leapion CNC router in the production of the table are used to mill flat, mechanical control processing will not have the phenomenon of uneven table. But there must be some unevenness in the materials we use to process. When we use the cutter head to face the material, it may be just the concave or convex point of the material. When we carve, there will be different carving depths.

  It is also possible that data size may be wrong in the phenomenon of different depths in carving. When the carving materials are different in depth, it is required to conduct five point tool setting before carving, four corners and center respectively. If the difference between the height of the material is too large, the material should be divided into three parts: the upper, the middle and the lower, respectively. When carving, try to make the material level. In this way, when carving, there will be no difference in depth.

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