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Characteristics of woodworking carving machine

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  1: Stronger.

  Strength: the "horsepower" of the engraving machine. The main factor that affects the "horsepower" of engraving machine is the spindle motor. Generally, the power of spindle motor is more than 3000W. The cutting tool can clamp the driving motor and driver of woodworking carving machine, and these accessories also affect the price of woodworking carving machine.

  Engraving machine

  2: Faster.

  In modern processing industry, speed is required, that is to say, processing effectiveness should be studied. On the premise that the strength can be reached, how fast it can be, and how long it can be used must be strictly selected. The high-quality woodworking carving machine is equipped with a stepping motor or a servo motor and a large driver. While ensuring long-term and rapid processing, the driving system will not burn, and will not exceed the load of the carving machine.

  3: More accurate.

  Accuracy is an important parameter for testing woodworking engraving machine. It is not easy for woodworking engraving machine to guarantee high-speed processing and stable and high-precision, but it is a necessary talent for a high-quality engraving machine, which also tests the consumption of engraving machine manufacturers. No matter how long the carving and cutting task is, it will not be misplaced, and the carving oil will be smooth and straight.

  4: Reasonable structure and stable bed.

  The bed of leapion woodworking engraving machine must be firm and not deformed. The whole bed of the mechanical woodworking engraving machine is stress relieved after vibration aging. The machine is firm and not deformed. It can fully adapt to long-term operation and maintain excellent performance and accuracy.

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