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How to judge tool wear in CNC Router

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  How to judge the tool wear?

  The method to judge the severe tool wear is as follows:

  1) Listen to the processed sound and make a harsh call;

  2) Listen to the sound of the main shaft, and the main shaft appears obvious rotation holding phenomenon;

  3) It is felt that the vibration increases in the machining process, and the main shaft of the machine tool vibrates obviously;

  4) Look at the processing effect. The processed bottom grain is good or bad (if at the beginning, it means that the cutting depth is too deep).

  CNC router tool

  How to deal with the sudden broken knife during machining?

  1) Stop machining and view the current serial number of machining.

  2) Check whether there is a knife body at the place where the knife is broken, and take it out if there is.

  3) It is the most important thing to analyze the cause of tool breakage. Why is the tool broken? We want to analyze the factors that affect the processing mentioned above. But the reason is that the force on the tool suddenly increases. Either the path problem, or the tool jitter is too large, or the material has a hard block, or the rotation speed of the spindle motor is not correct.

  4) After analysis, change the tool for machining. If the path has not been changed, it is necessary to advance a serial number on the original serial number for machining. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to reduce the feed speed. First, the tool break is seriously hardened, and second, the tool running in is required.leapion

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