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What key problems should be paid attention to when purchasing stainless steel fiber laser welding machine

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  1、 Let's first learn about laser processing settings:

  1. Welding speed, this needs to contact with the manufacturer to determine your welding speed. If you want to increase the speed, in addition to automatic realization, you need to have enough laser power support.

  2. Laser power (laser power). Different welding materials have different laser absorptivity, which is also related to the thickness of the material. Therefore, different types and specifications of materials need to choose different laser power.

  3. Beam quality, facula: a good laser has a great impact on the beam quality, and the facula is the size of the laser cross-sectional diameter, which can be achieved through debugging. The smaller the facula beam, the higher the energy concentration, and the higher the energy. The size of the facula needs to be determined by the needs of your materials and workpieces. The most important thing is to adjust it according to the needs Well.

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  2、 The price of stainless steel laser welding machine is closely related to the quality configuration!

  1. YAG laser welding machine, also known as hard light path laser welding machine, is an early laser welding equipment, but now there are many applications, the key is low price, simple use, can be used in mold repair welding, jewelry welding and other spot welding processing, but it is difficult to achieve automation, if the production efficiency requirements are not high, you can consider using such a device Prepare.

  2. The laser welding machine conducted by optical fiber, combined with galvanometer, automatic operation mechanism and vision positioning system, can realize free degree welding processing. It is widely used in power battery and accessories welding, automobile manufacturing welding, military equipment welding and many automatic and semi-automatic welding production. This price will be higher. Its advantages are maintenance free and energy saving About the maintenance cost, the operation efficiency is higher than the above YAG laser welding machine, and the welding process quality is better. leapion

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