Laser cutting machine
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laser cutting machine
Enclosed Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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Laser marking machine discount
laser cutting machine
Enclosed Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine


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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Leapion laser was established in 2007, we are a global manufacturing company, specializing in the production of fiber laser cutting machine, co2 laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking machine , CNC Router, for metal cutting, sign industrial, advertising, woodworking furniture and other industrial.
We are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality laser systems and CNC Routers.
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Before the popularization of laser cutting technology, traditional processing methods such as plasma cutting and flame cutting were mostly used for sheet metal cutting, which had many shortcomings, such as wide cutting slits, poor cutting accuracy, easy generation of harmful gases, and large environ
The reason why the cutting section of the CNC fiber laser cutting machine has twists and turns
In the current sheet metal processing industry, CNC fiber laser cutting machines have a high utilization rate. It has a good cutting effect and is deeply loved in the metal processing industry. Good equipment manufacturing technology and high-end brand accessories laser cutting machine quality guara
The Introduction of BM109 FC Fiber Laser Heads
A lot of our clients will feel confused when they are choosing a laser head in fiber laser cutting machine. Today we will make an introduction of one common laser heads ---BM109 FC, so that you can know more about the laser heads in fiber laser cutting machine
What are the precautions for fiber laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel
When the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting carbon steel materials, due to the high hardness of carbon steel, in order to avoid problems, it is necessary to check and maintain the fiber equipment frequently. And if there is a problem during processing, it is necessary to investigate from all aspects of the fiber laser cutting machine. Under normal cutting conditions, the effect of cutting carbon steel should be burr-free and the traction line should be consistent. So what problems should the fiber laser cutting machine pay attention to when cutting carbon steel plates? Big Picture Laser will answer for you.
How to understand the laser marking machine in the shortest time
The principle of the laser marking machine is to use a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, thereby engraving exquisite patterns, trademarks and text.
Fiber Laser marking machine is widely used in what industries
As opposed to conventional inkjet marking machines, the benefit of laser marking machines is a wide range of uses, since a multitude of substances (metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather, etc.) may be labelled with high accuracy.
The impact of metal laser cutting machine cutting speed on cutting quality
We all know that speed and quality are often inversely proportional. The pursuit of speed will reduce quality, and the pursuit of quality will affect speed. So, what impact does the cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine have on the cutting quality
Professional Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine
Leapion's new LF-6035T professional tube laser cutting machine has high performance and fast response, but what advantages does it have?

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