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Leapion in laser machine business since 2007, we are a global manufacturing company producing Laser engravers, laser markers,CNC Router, UV inkjet printers for various applications such as signage, advertising, Woodworking furniture.
We are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems and cnc router machine.

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Dpes sign Expo China Guanzhou Shandong leapion laser invites you to attend

Guangzhou, China, 2020, leapion laser will bring "new design, new products, new color matching" laser cutting machine, laser cutting carving machine, etc. to Dpes sign Expo China Guangzhou, and share with global laser cutting machine users the technological achievements of Shandong

Company News 2020-01-19

Some key points for users to know when purchasing laser cutting machine

  In the metal industry, there are many kinds of laser processing used, such as laser cutting plate, laser cutting tube, laser welding, etc. today, we take sheet metal processing as an example to tell you some key points that need to be paid attention to when selecting and purchasing flat laser c

Company News 2020-01-17

Causes and treatment of edge burning in laser cutting machine

  Causes of edge burning and slag hanging of sheet metal parts processed by laser cutting machine:  Laser cutting of sheet metal will produce a lot of heat. Under normal circumstances, the heat generated by cutting will spread along the cutting seam to the processed sheet metal to get sufficient

Company News 2020-01-17

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