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What are the characteristics of CNC engraving machine

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  CNC engraving machine is the combination of CNC technology and engraving technology. As a special kind of CNC machine tool, he grasps the engraving action of engraving machine by performing the corresponding processing sequence code through the CNC system. It is inconvenient to carve true, fine and lasting two-dimensional graphics, characters and three-dimensional plane relief on various soft materials (plexiglass, double color plate, multilayer plate, plate, sub corbel, wood, rubber, etc.) and hard materials (brass, aluminum, stainless steel, Qin alloy, etc.). It realizes automatic, high effect and high precision carving.

  CNC engraving machine has the following important features

  First, high level of automation. All the engraving processes are realized automatically by CNC engraving machine without manual operation.

  Second, the product has high dimensional accuracy and good consistency. The carving process is realized by computer to achieve high precision. When the surface quality is processed in batches, the products have good consistency.

  Third, it expands the scope of sculpture. By performing various corresponding processing codes and various cutting tools, the CNC engraving machine can realize the engraving of relief and various complex surfaces, and improve the engraving effect.leapion cnc router

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