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The application of laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry

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  Compared with the traditional plate cutting method, laser cutting machine has obvious advantages. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, good cutting quality and narrow cutting seam, good material adaptability and no tool wear. No matter it is a simple or complex part, it can be cut by laser once precision rapid prototyping. It has the advantages of high automation, simple operation, low labor intensity and no pollution. It has low production cost, good economic benefit and long effective life cycle.

  Compared with conventional machining methods, laser cutting also has obvious advantages. In thermal cutting method, oxy combustible (such as acetylene) cutting and plasma cutting can not concentrate energy in a very small area like laser beam, resulting in wide incision, large heat affected area and obvious workpiece deformation. Oxy combustible cutting equipment is a very flexible cutting tool with small investment, but because of its large heat affected area and low cutting speed, the incision presents serious zigzag and zigzag shape. Therefore, it is rarely used to cut materials with thickness less than 20 mm and accurate size. Plasma cutting and laser cutting speed is similar, significantly higher than acetylene flame cutting. However, the cutting energy is low, the top of the cutting edge is round, and the cutting edge is obviously wavy. In operation, it is also necessary to prevent the UV radiation produced by the arc from damaging the operator. However, laser can cut non-metal, while other thermal cutting methods cannot. In the process of mechanical stamping, using die stamping to produce large quantities of parts has the advantages of low cost and short production cycle, but this method is difficult to adapt to the changes in design, special equipment, long manufacturing cycle and high cost.

  For small and medium-sized enterprises, the advantages of laser cutting will be fully demonstrated. The laser cutting machine is convenient for the tight arrangement and nesting of workpieces, which saves more materials than the die stamping with more material allowance around each workpiece. For large and complex parts that need to be cut in sections, it is necessary to use punch to cut, resulting in a lot of small shell shaped edges, resulting in a large number of leftovers. Its cutting speed is much slower than laser cutting. Moreover, as a flexible non-contact, profiling cutting tool, laser can cut from any point of material to any direction, which is amazing for sawing. The method of EDM or WEDM is used in the fine machining of hard materials. Although the incision is relatively flat, the cutting speed is several orders slower than that of laser cutting. Although water cutting can cut many non-metallic materials, its operation cost is high. leapion

The application of laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry

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