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How much profit can the laser cutting machine bring to the enterprise in a year?

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With the development of laser technology, laser cutting machines have been widely used in various industries, and its uses are very wide. Different processing materials and different industries have different types of laser cutting machines. When many customers buy a laser cutting machine, they will consider that, after all, a laser cutting machine ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then, how long will it take to recover the cost of processing with a laser cutting machine? How much profit can a company bring in a year? Let's analyze this problem with Leapion laser.

First, we have to consider the company’s business volume and unit price profit, which is very important.

If the unit price is the standard market price, if the business volume is sufficient, the cost can be recovered soon. Some companies only make their own company's products and are relatively single, and the processing volume is relatively small, and the cost recovery will be slow.


For example, we take external processing as an example. Now the average profit of laser external processing is between 50% and 60%. If the average cost of a month’s entrusted processing is 90,000 yuan, then the annual cost is 1.08 million yuan. Buying a laser cutting machine, excluding the cost for one month, our cost is about 90,000 * 0.5 = 45,000 on the premise of the same processing volume. According to this calculation, we can save 540,000 yuan in processing costs in one year. Calculated in this way, a 1000W fiber laser cutting machine can recover the cost in about a year.

Second, the purchase of equipment requires calculation of the overall cost

Because machinery has a service life, so does a laser cutting machine. It is impossible to use it all the time. For a fiber laser cutting machine, the service life of a fiber laser is very important.


The price of a fiber laser is also very high, and the laser can only be replaced if there is a problem. There are two kinds of domestic and imported lasers, and their performance and lifespan will be different. A better choice of lasers can be used for 100,000 hours. Enterprises can calculate the difference between the cost and labor cost after using the laser cutting machine and before using it. Remove the cost and calculate the change in profit after using the cutting machine.

Third, we need to choose a laser cutting machine to meet our own processing needs

The laser cutting machine that is not necessarily expensive and fast is the best. This needs to be judged according to our own processing needs. The speed and cutting range of the powerful machine are much better, and of course the price is also very "good". Companies can choose the one that suits them according to their actual processing needs. You don't have to choose the expensive one. Only the one that is suitable for the company is the best.


Therefore, we suggest that customers can choose their own laser cutting machine according to their own processing business volume and budget, and recover the equipment cost as soon as possible. For more professional questions about laser cutting machines, please consult Leapion Laser.

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