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Precautions for laser welding machine in welding metal materials

Views:13     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 03-02-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

  1. The cooling speed of metal materials is fast, which is determined by the carbon content in the metal. It has influence on the embrittlement, microcrack and fatigue strength of metal materials.

  2. During the welding process, the high volatile alloy elements in the metal alloy will volatilize from the molten pool, which will lead to the formation of air holes, and may also produce undercut phenomenon.

  3. When welding carbon steel material, the carbon content of the material should be less than 2%. When the carbon content is higher than 3%, the difficulty of laser welding will increase, the tendency of cold crack will increase, the brittle fracture tendency of the material under the condition of fatigue and shading will increase. Considering a certain amount of shrinkage of the weld in the joint design is conducive to reducing the residual stress and crack tendency of the weld and heat affected zone.

  4. When the carbon content of laser welding machine is higher than 3% and the carbon content is lower than 3%, the form of paranoid weld can be used to limit the transformation of martensite, eliminate the stress, reduce the generation of cracks, reduce the quenching rate and the tendency of cracks.

  5. Whether pulse laser welding or continuous laser welding, the general pulse laser welding machine can reduce the heat input, but also reduce the generation of thermal cracks and workpiece deformation. leapion

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