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Optical fiber laser cutting and medicine

Views:672     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-11-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

  Fiber laser cutting machine for surgical applications, it is important that the laser should be compact, less maintenance, high efficiency. The high efficiency and good thermal properties of fiber lasers make them particularly suitable for surgical applications. Because they are diode pumped, they are also compact. The shape of the fiber is superior to that of the bulk solid-state laser, because it relieves the need for additional fiber transmission, thus reducing the cost and the complexity of the system.

  The fiber laser cutting machine was invented by Elias Snitzer in 1963. By the time it finally entered commercial application, it had been nearly 20 years. In the early days, a single-mode diode laser was used to pump, which only radiated tens of milliwatts. But it still has a great attraction to users, because their gain is very high, which can make many rare earth ions realize single-mode continuous operation, which is impossible for crystal lasers. In 1990, the fiber laser achieved a leap to watt level output. At that time, an erbium-doped fiber laser was reported with an output power of up to 4W1, which laid the foundation for today's 10W and higher single-mode power fiber laser.

  In the optical fiber laser cutting machine, the optical fiber itself plays the role of resonator. These devices generally contain a single-mode core doped with erbium, ytterbium (or their combination) or rare earth elements. The energy from the solid light source is coupled to the cladding of the fiber, and then enters the core to pump the doped atoms. In the medical field, the wavelengths needed are: 1.3 μ M band for imaging, 1.5 μ m (water absorption peak) - 4 μ M band for surgery, and the power range is from several milliwatts to more than 100W.

  "Any biomedical application using CW lasers, especially high-power CW lasers, can benefit from fiber laser cutters. The advantages of high efficiency, wide tuning range and good beam quality in the whole output power range provided by the fiber laser cutting machine are particularly outstanding, so that the application range of the fiber laser in medicine is continuously expanded. leapion

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