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How much is 1000W laser cutting machine?

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Users want to improve the cutting quality after purchasing the fiber laser cutting equipment, but they often consider the problem of cost saving in the cutting process, some even achieve very saving, such as impure auxiliary gas, which leads to the problem of power attenuation. The cutting quality of laser cutting machine is good. How much is 1000W fiber laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine technology uses the energy released when the laser beam irradiates the metal plate surface. Melt the sheet metal and blow the slag away by gas.

As the laser force is very concentrated, only a small amount of heat is transmitted to other parts of the metal plate, resulting in little or no deformation. Laser can be used to cut complex shape materials very accurately, and the materials need not be further processed.

Generally, CO2 laser beam is used as laser source, with working power of 500-5000 watts. The power level is lower than that required by many household electric heaters. Because of passing through the lens and reflector, the laser beam is concentrated in a very small area. The high concentration of energy can carry out rapid local heating and make the metal plate melt.

Laser cutting machine is a new kind of plate processing machinery at the end of last century and the beginning of this century. After nearly 20 years of continuous technological innovation and technological development at home and abroad, laser cutting technology and laser cutting machine equipment are familiar and accepted by the majority of plate processing enterprises.

How much is the quotation of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine? Zhejiang lepaion laser introduced: the same product, configuration has high and low, the price will be uneven. In addition, in many laser manufacturers, large and small laser manufacturers have different after-sales services, so there are differences in the quotation. Lepaion laser adheres to the principle of credit first and provides products for customers.

Configuration parameters of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine:

Project name technical parameters laser type (1000W) light

Fiber laser wavelength 1070-1080nm

Electro optic conversion efficiency 25-30%

Cutting material thickness 0.2-10 mm (depending on material)

Incision seam width 0.1-0.2mm

Repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.05mm/500mm

Positioning accuracy ± 0.05mm/500mm

Maximum operating speed 80000mm / min

Maximum load of worktable: 600kg

Operating weight 2500kg

Power demand 380V 50Hz / 60Hz

Appearance dimension (length × width × height) 4500mm * 2400mm * 1700mm

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