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Thickness of carbon steel cut by 500W metal laser cutting machine

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  The thickness of carbon steel cut by 500W metal laser cutting machine

  Laser cutting machine is always recognized as the fastest laser processing equipment, but the properties of different metals are also different, so the ability of metal laser cutting machine to process them is also different, so today we take 500W laser cutting machine as an example, analyze different metal materials, and what is the difference in processing. Thickness of carbon steel cut by 500W metal laser cutting machine?

  Carbon steel is easy to cut because of its high carbon content and soft material. Generally, the cutting thickness can reach 6mm.

  The maximum thickness of stainless steel, aluminum plate and copper plate cut by 500W fiber laser cutter is 3mm, 2mm and 2mm respectively.

  What are the factors that affect the thickness of carbon steel cut by Wenzhou 500W fiber laser cutting machine? In the process of practical application, the cutting ability of laser cutting machine is also related to the quality of cutting machine, laser type, cutting environment, cutting speed and other factors. The use of auxiliary gas can also improve the cutting ability, so there is no absolute standard to judge the cutting thickness.

  For example, carbon steel cutting mainly depends on oxygen combustion, stainless steel cutting mainly depends on power. Generally, 1000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut about 10 mm carbon steel plate. Stainless steel plate is a little difficult to cut. To improve the cutting thickness, it is at the expense of edge effect and speed.

  What causes the attenuation of 500W laser cutting machine?

  1. The environment and conditions of the production site have a great influence on the power of the laser cutting machine. Such as the quality of compressed air (mainly oil filter, dryness, dust). There are many dust and smoke in the production site, and some users put the spray painting near the laser cutting machine, which will affect the cutting quality and cutting ability of the optical fiber laser cutting machine.

  2. The problems of laser itself. Metal laser cutting machine is required to maintain the external optical path of laser generator regularly. In fact, after the laser of laser cutting machine works for a period of time, the power drop is inevitable. When the power drops to affect the production, it is necessary to maintain the laser and the external optical path. When the maintenance is completed, the cutting capacity will return to the factory level. So how to maintain the metal laser cutting machine?

  In fact, for the laser cutting machine, no matter how good the laser equipment is, there will be the phenomenon of decay and aging. Even for the fiber laser cutting machine, which is a new type of laser equipment developed in the world, which outputs high energy density laser beam, it is no exception. Therefore, in the use of the fiber laser cutting machine, we should pay more attention to maintenance and fully remove the light The reason of attenuation of fiber laser cutting machine is solved. More information

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