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How much is a 1000W fiber laser cutting machine quoted

Views:16     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 05-28-2020      Origin:Leapion fiber laser cutting machine Inquire

  Laser cutting machine is a laser processing equipment integrating light, machine and electricity. It adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system. 1000W fiber laser cutting machine has small thermal deformation, high cutting accuracy, low noise, no pollution, and is easy to realize automatic cutting. Fiber laser cutting is an advanced manufacturing technology. It can process all kinds of metal plates quickly and efficiently. Our laser cutting head has the function of up and down expansion, which can automatically adjust the height of laser cutting head according to the thickness of the plate and the height of the cutting table. The laser head adopts high temperature resistant and high quality PC protection shell, which can protect and extend the service life of the laser head. It is convenient to cut workpieces of different shapes and sizes without using the mold or repairing the mold, which not only saves the processing cost and reduces the production Production cost, and save the time to change the mold.

  The 1000 Watt fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of wide application, flexible technology, high processing accuracy, good quality, clean production process, easy to realize automation, flexibility, intelligence and improve product quality and labor productivity. Convenient operation and maintenance, highly integrated system, convenient operation and maintenance, which can meet the 24-hour production needs. Rack and guide rail adopt full seal protection and automatic lubrication device to improve the service life of transmission parts and ensure the cutting accuracy of machine tools. The equipment is equipped with laser protective glass, which can effectively reduce the harm to human body. It can process any figure to achieve deformation free cutting, with good processing flexibility, and can process any figure. It can cut any hardness material such as pipe, profile, steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy, etc. without deformation.

  Laser cutting of carbon steel plate samples

  The frame structure is welded by high-quality pipes. After professional welding, secondary aging treatment and precision machining of large-scale gantry milling machine, these design and processing means ensure that the machine has excellent seismic resistance, high rigidity and stability. How much is the quotation of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine? We want to buy laser cutting machine, identify leapion, focus on laser cutting for 15 years!

  It adopts a special cutting head for optical fiber with German technology, equipped with a professional QBH optical fiber output interface, imported optical lenses, highly sealed precise focus adjustment mode, with a minimum cutting distance of 0.1mm for high-speed capacitance sensor, improving cutting performance and reducing gas consumption. The control system adopts gantry double drive structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, and can bear high speed and acceleration. It adopts imported AC servo system and drive system, imported rack drive and linear guide rail to ensure high speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment.

  Fiber laser cutting system, including laser cutting process processing, common layout function and laser processing control. The main functions include graphic processing, parameter setting, customized cutting process editing, layout, path planning, simulation, and cutting control. It supports power regulation with speed, and can set independent lead-in and lead-out speed. With the function of material process library, all process parameters can be saved for reuse of the same material.

  The air filtration gas storage device preliminarily removes the water, oil drops and solid particles contained in the compressed air, so as to improve the purification effect of the lower level air drying device. The air drying device can remove the moisture, oil drop and solid particles contained in the compressed air through the specially designed pipeline system, high-efficiency heat exchanger, cooling evaporator and gas-liquid separator, so as to make the cutting efficient and stable.

  Now the price of the 1000 Watt fiber laser cutting machine will change a lot according to different customer requirements. If you want to buy it, it is recommended to go to the laser cutting machine manufacturer for detailed inquiry. Many laser cutting machine customers purchase machines according to their own needs. Leapion is more committed to meet the special needs of customers, such as the color, appearance, parts selection and so on.

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