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Laser pipe cutting machine has become the trend of metal pipe cutting

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  The rapid development of science and technology has not only promoted the reform of many traditional industries, but also spawned many emerging industries. Today, I want to talk with you about a high-tech means widely used in industry - pipe laser cutting machine!

  Under the condition of strong technical strength in our country, the cutting quality, effect and cost of laser pipe cutting machine have been greatly improved. Many industries have been widely used. The plane cutting, drilling, cutting, carving, and other technologies of the round tube laser cutting machine are the cutting needs of personalized development. Through the computer control system, the computer can draw any graphics at will, complete all kinds of complex pattern cutting, simple operation.

  Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser pipe cutting machine not only has high speed and low consumption, but also has no mechanical stress on the pipe fittings, so the effect, accuracy and cutting speed of the products are very good, and also has the characteristics of simple maintenance. In recent years, the development of laser cutting machine is very fast. It has gradually replaced the traditional technology and become a trend of metal processing industry.

  Due to the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine processing, the processing cost has been greatly reduced. At the same time, combined with a variety of flexible payment methods, more and more hardware processing enterprises, bathroom manufacturing enterprises and auto parts processing enterprises are using laser pipe cutting machine more and more.

  laser has accumulated more than 10 years of research and development technology and application experience of pipe and plate cutting machine, and is a well-known domestic pipe laser cutting machine manufacturer. Launched a number of metal tube laser cutting machine, with the advantages of high precision, high speed, high cost performance, etc! leapion

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