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1500W laser cutting machine price

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In recent years, with the rapid development of mechanical processing industry, optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment is gradually popularized. Almost every thin plate processing manufacturer will buy a laser cutting machine, because the products cut out by this equipment have no burr, high cutting accuracy, and do not need to be processed twice. If the power is large, the cutting speed is fast, and the requirements for workers are also high What's the price of 1500W laser cutting equipment if it's not so professional? Next, I'll give you a specific analysis:

Now there are many laser cutting equipment manufacturers, and the prices of large and small factories are also uneven. So when buying laser cutting equipment, not only the price, but also the after-sales service is the most important thing. After sales service determines the quality of the manufacturer.

What should be paid attention to when purchasing laser cutting machine

1. Manufacturer scale: first of all, we should take a look at the scale of the manufacturer. We will definitely visit the factory when we buy equipment. Then we need to know some basic things about the scale of the manufacturer and the standard of laser cutting machine proofing.

2. According to your own needs: to buy the equipment, you need to decide what kind of laser cutting equipment to buy with the materials you cut. For example, if you want to cut acrylic, you need to choose a carbon dioxide cutting machine. If you want to cut metal, you need to choose a fiber laser cutting machine. Secondly, the metal depends on the thickness of the product. For example, if you want to cut two thicknesses of carbon steel, you need to buy a 500W equipment If we pursue efficiency and speed, 800W is OK.

3. Compare more with other manufacturers, and compare more with several manufacturers when buying equipment, because the prices of each factory and each factory are uneven.

4. After sales service: how well a manufacturer sells its equipment? The most important thing is after-sales service. If there is a problem with the equipment and machine, but the manufacturer can't solve it in time, the buyer will suffer a lot. So when choosing laser cutting equipment, you must polish your eyes

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