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How to ensure the quality of laser welding

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  The laser welding process is a kind of production and processing technology application that can realize the permanent connection of the material through the continuous high temperature melting formed by the laser beam, and change it into a production and processing technology with the set functional structure characteristics.

  In recent years, laser welding has been widely used in the manufacture of almost all electronic products, such as notebook computers, smart TVs, smart phones, digital cameras and many other electronic devices.

  The laser welding process has penetrated into all walks of life in the processing and manufacturing industry, which immediately interferes with the product quality, system reliability and service life of the enterprise's products, as well as the production and processing costs, work efficiency and sales market reaction rate.

  In the process of mass production of laser welding, how to ensure the uniformity of the quality of laser welding products of metal laser welding machine is a very important research topic in the process of production management.

  In general, the key factors influencing the laser welding process are summarized as follows:

  ① Selection of laser welding materials

  ② Selection of metal laser welding machine

  ③ Selection of production and processing operation platform.

  In addition, the physical and chemical characteristics of different materials and the characteristics of mechanical equipment will also form a particularly important interference on laser welding. In general, in laser spot welding, the greater the heat transfer, the better the laser welding effect;

  On the other hand, the smaller the heat transfer, the better the laser welding effect. It is necessary for customers to realize effective selection according to different use regulations.

  In many cases, the customer needs to adjust the output power waveform of the metal laser welding machine to improve the laser welding effect according to different situations. In view of the purity of aluminum and

  Different design elements are mixed in, so sometimes the materials, models and specifications are different, resulting in different laser welding effects, so that the materials of the same model and specification, different feed production batch number, and the laser welding effect will be different. leapion

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