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How much do you know about handheld fiber laser welding machines?

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How much do you know about handheld fiber laser welding machines? When it comes to welding, basically friends who do "metal" all have to contact. With the development of laser cutting, it is now derived from using laser to weld, subverting the traditional welding process.

Hand-held welding machine is hand-held welding, flexible and convenient, simple operation, welding distance is not restricted, equipped with professional welding software, heat affected area is small, no deformation, no blackening, welding depth is large, welding is firm. Meet the welding needs of various types of metal plates.

Features of Holding laser welding machine: The equipment is small in size, flexible and convenient to operate, and can achieve good quality, fast speed, small thermal deformation, precision, Highly integrated welding seam is beautiful, smooth and without porosity, no need to be processed or simply processed after welding. Hand-held welding gun can realize welding at any angle on the workpiece, suitable for spot welding of complex welding seams and various devices. The advantages of hand-held laser welding machine: One: the requirements for operators are reduced without professional training, ordinary employees can operate to solve the problems of training people, living more people, and keeping people difficult. One machine can save two welders a year. : Welding quality improvement can complete welding tasks that cannot be completed by ordinary welding machines. Workpieces are not deformed, the welds are beautiful, no welding slag, and the welding depth is large. Non-contact welding can be performed at special corner positions. 3: Efficiency improvement. Working efficiency is ordinary argon arc 5-10 times the welding can be connected to tooling and robotic automatic welding In 100,000 hours (40 years), much longer than the service life of ordinary equipment

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