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Five key technologies and development trend of all fiber laser

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  All fiber laser needs to use a variety of special fibers, such as double clad active fiber, double clad photosensitive fiber, energy transmission fiber and so on. With the continuous improvement of output power, the technical requirements for special fiber are higher and higher. Therefore, the development of special fiber will play an important role in the development of fiber laser. The new generation of special fibers represented by photonic crystal fibers will be gradually applied in the development of fiber lasers. The development of special optical fiber will make the active fiber gain higher, bear more power density, absorb pump light more effectively; it will make the grating easier to make, the stability of grating will be better, and the grating will be used more widely in fiber laser; the energy transmission optical fiber will be able to transmit higher power, and the high-power laser can be transmitted for a longer distance It will make the pump coupling easier to realize, and can bear higher pump power and lower loss.

  Cladding pump coupling technology

  Cladding pump coupling technology of all fiber laser plays an important role in determining the performance and level of fiber laser. The fiber pump coupler and fiber power combiner used in high power all fiber laser are used in high power condition. Their coupling efficiency must be very high, the loss must be small, the power must be large, and the number of input light should be as many as possible. It is very difficult to produce high-quality pump couplers and power combining devices under so many limiting conditions. However, the implementation methods are also various, which is a challenging technology. From the development trend of high-power all fiber laser, it is also required that the pump coupler couple the pump light to the inner cladding, and at the same time, it should not affect and damage the core of double clad fiber, because only in this way can cascade pump be realized without affecting the generation and transmission of signal laser, and realize super high power output.

  Fiber grating technology

  In all fiber lasers, the current role of fiber Bragg grating is to reflect the signal laser in the fiber core to form a resonator. However, with the further development of fiber laser technology, fiber grating will have new uses in fiber laser, which puts forward new challenges to the fabrication technology of fiber grating. One of the directions worthy of attention is the fabrication of large core diameter multimode fiber High quality fiber gratings are made.

  Semiconductor pumped laser technology

  Semiconductor pump laser is the key device of fiber laser, which has a great influence on the reliability, lifetime and production cost of fiber. It has become a trend to develop long-life semiconductor pump laser with single wide light-emitting region. It is necessary to improve the output power of single laser, reduce the cost and further improve the reliability Among them, improving and innovating packaging structure should be the core work, because the proportion of packaging cost is still very high.

  Fiber laser technology

  The design and manufacture of all fiber laser involves a lot of knowledge, content, technology, process and experience, which is the core and key technology in the design and production of all fiber laser. Especially in today, when the development history of new high-power all fiber laser is still quite short, a lot of pioneering work needs to be carried out. In order to design and manufacture the whole fiber laser, we not only need to design reasonably for application, but also shoulder the responsibility of improving and innovating the structure and scheme of the whole machine, as well as the improvement and innovation of important components and key technologies.

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