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Price guide of laser cutting machine

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  If you immediately ask "how much does fiber laser cutting cost", it's the same as "how much does aircraft cost" and "how much does cargo ship cost". When people choose fiber cutting machine, they can't figure out how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine with good after-sales service and affordable price?

  Laser cutting machine brand, laser, laser power, motor, laser head configuration not only determine the price, but also determine the service life. So, when we buy laser cutting machine, we should pay attention to these information


  Big price difference

  Optical fiber laser cutting as a new product in line with the fashion trend of the sales market, its precision, high laser cutting speed characteristics are warmly welcomed by broad customers. Nowadays, the fiber laser cutting in the sales market is uneven, and the price varies greatly: some are more than 100000, some are more than 200000, even millions. What's more, some businesses only mark the price, so vague and detailed address that they don't mark the detailed address, so that the customers who can't be present for investigation don't know that I think it's a small processing factory.

  Identify industry needs

  If we only need to cut plates, then we don't need a pipe cutter. If we only need to cut pipes, then we don't need a plate cutter. So we need to buy a laser cutter according to our needs. Leapion laser with more than 10 years of production and manufacturing experience, specializes in the production of laser cutters. We have specially developed various types of laser cutters for customers, It is suitable for most of the cutting operations, more multi-functional plate tube integrated laser cutting machine and more convenient multi platform laser cutting machine

  Fiber laser cutting machine

  Some laser cutting machines are surrounded by structures, which can reduce laser radiation, and some have exchange platforms, which can save loading and unloading time, while the plate tube integrated machine is suitable for customers who need to cut two kinds of materials, plate and pipe. The more functions the laser cutting machine has, the higher the price is, so you can choose according to your own needs.

  Select cutting machine with moderate breadth and high precision

  After selecting the machine type, choose the table top of laser cutting machine according to the size of the cutting materials. The same series of machines with the same power, large format and high price are not good, but large format is not good. The average laser output of some machines with poor quality is not stable at each point on the large format, so it is correct to choose the appropriate format.

  Of course, we should pay attention to the accuracy of laser cutting machine, the greater the accuracy, the better the cutting surface. The cutting speed of laser cutting machine should also be taken into account. After all, the faster the cutting speed and the higher the efficiency, the greater the profit generated at the same time. The longer the laser life, the better for the user.

  Don't just care about the price and ignore the after-sales service

  It is also important to have after-sales service problems of laser cutting machine. In the process of using the machine, some small problems will appear more or less due to improper use or too long time. Therefore, the longer the warranty period is, the better for the user, and good after-sales service will make the customer feel relieved to purchase the machine. Longtai fiber laser cutting machine, let customers buy at ease, use at ease.

  High price of fiber laser cutting machine

  The price of fiber laser cutting machine is higher than that of common laser cutting machine, such as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. The price of a 500W fiber laser cutting machine is between 400000-800000. Although the price of fiber laser cutting machine is high and the investment in the early stage is large, because of its fast cutting speed, high working efficiency and high cutting accuracy, it will have a good profit in the later stage.

  Therefore, the choice of laser cutting machine should be based on their own industry needs and cutting materials to choose the model and style of laser cutting machine, which requires higher configuration and higher price, but can not blindly pursue price and ignore quality. Cutting machine manufacturers do not have a clear address or go to other companies to transfer goods or small workshops, the information is flying all over the place, the price is indiscriminate, no matter how much money you are advised not to be fooled.

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