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What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine compared with CNC punch?

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  Nowadays, with the requirement of the market for products to be updated quickly, higher requirements are put forward for the flexibility of processing equipment. The application of laser cutting machine brings new vitality to the processing industry. Compared with the traditional CNC punching machine, laser cutting machine has the advantages of 3C and 3S: cool (fast cooling), clean (cleaning), calm (low noise), sure (reliable), saving (safety), saving (saving). But in the whole processing market, laser cutting machine is the same color as CNC punching machine. Why?

  1、 Processing materials laser cutting machine can cut metal materials including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. It can cut up to 20 mm thick carbon steel. CNC punch can only punch metal materials basically, and the thickness is generally no more than 6mm.

  2、 Processing flexibility from the degree of flexibility, laser cutting machine has more advantages, can cut any shape, size of holes; while punch can only cut a limited number of specifications of holes, in case of irregular, large-size holes, using small mold step punching technology, low efficiency, mold wear is serious. In order to meet the processing requirements of different products, NC punch must purchase a lot of molds (different sizes, the same size but for different thickness of materials). Furthermore, it is necessary to prepare a warehouse for storing molds, which increases the demand of mold management. In addition, the CNC punch has higher requirements for flatness and surface cleanliness of plates.

  3、 The precision and roughness laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, no stress, no deformation, positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm, cutting section is delicate and smooth; the machining accuracy of CNC punch is slightly poor, there are burrs on the cutting section, and the workpiece is deformed.

  4、 Efficiency and cost a factory used punch + plate shearer. After cutting, the plate shearer needs to be transferred to the punch. Compared with laser cutting machine, more labor is needed.

  Comprehensive comparison of the costs of laser cutting machine (3KW fiber laser) and punch: power, consumables (the consumables of laser cutting machine are focus mirror, ceramic body, nozzle, reflector, gas, etc.; the consumables of punch are mold, etc.), labor and equipment depreciation, the result is that the cost of laser cutting machine is 179 yuan / hour, and that of punch is 174 yuan / hour.

  The machining efficiency of all sheet metal parts (carbon steel, thickness 1.5-3mm) in a certain product of the factory is estimated. The result is that it takes only 0.2 hours to use laser cutting machine, and 0.7 hours to use punch. It can be seen that laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in efficiency and cost.

  Of course, if the products are in large quantities and special designed molds are used (such as porous mold, but this will damage the flexibility), the efficiency of the CNC punch can be improved until it is equivalent to the laser cutting machine.

  5、 The functions and limitations of laser cutting machine and CNC punch have their own functional limitations. If it is necessary to realize the functions (processes) of louver, light drawing, counterbore, flanging hole, stiffener and embossing, only CNC punch can be used; for the saw blade with silencing seam under the image, only laser cutting machine can be competent.

  So we know that these two kinds of mechanical equipment have their own applicable fields, laser cutting machine can not completely replace CNC punch, each has its own advantages!

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