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Application trend and suggestion of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry

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  In recent years, "precision shipbuilding" and "rapid shipbuilding" have become the main development trend of shipbuilding industry. Laser cutting technology has also developed rapidly, accounting for more than 70% of the whole laser processing industry. The ship manufacturing industry mainly uses steel plate raw materials. Laser cutting plate can replace some punching processing methods which need to use complex large-scale die, greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost. After the assembly allowance is cancelled by laser cutting machine, the phenomenon of on-site repair and cutting is eliminated, the waste of labor and materials is reduced, the assembly speed of frame is obviously accelerated, and the assembly quality is improved significantly.

  At present, the cutting methods of ship hull plate parts are mainly flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing processing and laser cutting. Compared with laser cutting, other cutting methods have many shortcomings, such as flame cutting and plasma cutting slit width, cutting accuracy is poor, easy to produce harmful gases, environmental pollution. For ship plate cutting, laser cutting has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, small thermal deformation, reduction of secondary processing (such as milling, drilling, etc.), transportation, grinding, especially small circle, small hole, curved surface processing and other advantages, in line with the requirements of ship block matching accuracy, can fully ensure that the frame assembly clearance is controlled within 1 mm range, but its practical cutting speed in steel is relative to plasma cutting Poor.

  Ship cutting has a high requirement for the accuracy of ship block transfer. In the past, when the ship manufacturing enterprises used plasma to cut ribs, in order to ensure the assembly clearance, the repair and cutting allowance was set on the ribs, which required manual cutting during field assembly. The repair and cutting quality was uneven, and the residual oxide was left in the cutting seam. At the same time, the assembly workload was increased, and the assembly cycle was increased, resulting in the extension of the whole block construction cycle. In addition, the laser cutting machine is used to cut and cancel the assembly allowance, which eliminates the phenomenon of on-site repair and cutting, reduces the waste of labor and materials, accelerates the assembly speed of the framework and improves the assembly quality significantly.

  In the field of ship manufacturing, the laser cutting machine avoids the uneven cutting quality caused by setting the cutting allowance on the rib plate to ensure the assembly clearance when the plasma is cutting the rib plate. So as to reduce the assembly workload, assembly cycle, material and labor cost waste. Through laser cutting of marine steel plate, the cutting quality is good, the cutting surface is vertical, there is no slag, the oxide layer is thin, the surface is smooth, without secondary processing, it can be directly welded, and the thermal deformation is small, the curve cutting precision is high, the matching working hours are reduced, and the barrier free cutting of high-strength ship plate is realized. The deviation of the clearance between members in the ship. Disclaimer: This article is reproduced on the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. However, due to the large number of reprints, it is impossible to confirm the true original author, so only the source of reprint is indicated. If you are concerned with copyright issues, please contact us. We will confirm copyright according to the copyright certification materials you provide and pay the royalties or delete the contents according to the national standard. This article is the original author's viewpoint, and does not mean that the official account agrees with his views and is responsible for his authenticity.

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