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Why the welding of laser welding machine is not firm

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  Laser welding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for material welding, which is suitable for different types of material welding. During the processing of laser welding machine, the high-energy laser pulse is used to locally heat the material in a small area, and the material is melted to form a specific melting pool to achieve the purpose of welding.

  Sometimes, when the laser welding machine is carrying out welding processing, there will be the problem that the welding between materials is not firm, which will affect the overall quality. At this time, users will inevitably question the effect of the laser welding machine. Is weak welding the result of poor equipment? This idea is one-sided. In fact, weak welding of materials often makes these small mistakes:

  1. Contamination on material surface

  Generally speaking, when using laser welding machine for welding processing, we should pay attention to whether there is dirt on the surface of the material. If the material with dirt is put into the weld area, the surface of the material will not crystallize normally or the crystallization will not be sufficient, which is one of the factors that directly affect the instability of the laser welding machine;

  2. Welding speed is too fast

  When users use laser welding machine, they often fall into the misunderstanding that the faster the welding speed is, the faster the production is, and the better the product is. In fact, when the laser welding machine acts on the material processing, the longer the processing time between the laser and the workpiece is, the more full the welding is, not the faster the better;

  3. Mismatch between material and welding power

  The power of laser welding machine is not applicable to all materials. The power used for welding different materials is not the same. If the power used by the user is low, the materials welded out are not firm;

  4. Table and fixture

  The worktable and fixture are used to fix the materials. If the materials are not fixed firmly enough, the welding may not be successful, resulting in the phenomenon of faulty welding and missing welding;  leapion

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