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What is the effect of the uneven density of the metal plate on the fiber laser cutting machine?

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  Uneven density of metal plate and its influence on fiber laser cutting machine? Some customers cut some parts in the process of cutting board, but some parts are not cut well. Why? In fact, when cutting metal, the density of metal plate still has a relatively large impact on fiber laser cutting. For example, if the density of stainless steel plate is high, its cutting difficulty coefficient is large. However, if the workmanship of the same plate is poor, the internal density will be different. Like some thick metal plates, the thickness is the same, but the internal structure of the plate is uneven. There may be some places where the density is different. Therefore, in the processing time of the fiber laser cutting machine, if the density of the plate is different, it may cause the cutting is not transparent, or the cutting seam is different.

  Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine has relatively high requirements for materials, slightly different material density, or different plate thickness, and different cutting effects.

  Some metal sheet cutting, plate shape is not good, in the fiber laser cutting machine processing, the processing of materials is not easy to control. The shape of the plate is good and the thickness of the material is uneven, which also affects the focal length of the machine cutting. When cutting the material, it is necessary to make the plate as flat as possible. Therefore, the processing of fiber laser cutting machine is still greatly affected by the density, the higher the density, the slower the cutting speed.

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