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How to use laser cutting machine? How to operate laser cutting machine correctly

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  As a high-tech product, laser cutting machine is widely used in the industry, and the processing of the whole mechanical industry needs laser cutting machine. Therefore, for such a widely used equipment, how to operate safely has become a public concern. China Russia laser will share the use method of laser cutting machine for you.

  Usage of laser cutting machine

  Chinese and Russian lasers teach you how to operate the laser cutting machine correctly:

  1. Follow the operation manual of the laser cutting machine and start the equipment in strict accordance with the above procedures.

  2. The operator of the equipment must be trained by the laser cutting machine manufacturer before going to work.

  3. When processing materials, necessary protective articles, such as goggles, must be worn.

  4. Do not use laser to irradiate and process materials before making clear.

  5. After the laser cutting machine is started, there must be full-time personnel present, and it is forbidden to leave without permission. If it is necessary to leave, the equipment shall be shut down.

  6. In the vicinity of laser cutting machine processing, there should be readily available fire extinguishers and other equipment.

  7. In the process of processing, if any abnormality is found, the machine shall be shut down immediately, and then special personnel shall be found for detection.

  8. After the use of laser cutting machine equipment, it must be cleaned in time to make adequate preparation for the next processing.

  9. Regularly inspect the laser tube, auxiliary gas and other consumables on time. Make sure you have enough!

  10. When the laser cutting machine is working, we should pay attention to observe whether every detail of the machine is abnormal.

  According to the actual situation of the workpiece to be processed, the laser cutting machine chooses open machining or closed machining to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece as much as possible under the condition of avoiding interference.

  Check whether the feed speed of electrode wire is appropriate. When cutting taper, the tension should be reduced to half of the normal value.

  In the process of laser cutting machine, it is often necessary to check and monitor the cutting conditions, and deal with the problems immediately if found.

  When programming, it is necessary to determine the accurate processing technology and processing route according to the actual situation, so as to prevent the workpiece from being scrapped or blocked in advance due to the insufficient processing position or the insufficient strength of lap edge.

  When the laser cutting machine starts to cut, pay attention to observe and judge whether the processing is not disorderly, and adjust it in time if any defect is found.

  Check whether the tension of electrode wire is sufficient. Before wire cutting, it is necessary to confirm whether the procedure and compensation amount are correct. When moving the worktable or spindle, the moving speed shall be accurately selected according to the distance between the workpieces and the workpieces, so as to avoid collision when moving too fast.

  Check whether the jet selection is reasonable. Use high-pressure jet for rough machining and low-pressure jet for finish machining. In close machining, the interval between nozzle and workpiece is generally 0.05-0.1mm.

  Safety production is a must for every enterprise. The correct operation of laser cutting machine is no exception. Only mastering the normal use of laser cutting machine can create more value for enterprises. For details of the above part of the safe operation of laser cutting machine, please refer to the operation manual of laser cutting machine. Safe operation can reduce unnecessary loss for enterprises. leapion

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