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How to solve the error problem of laser cutting machine?

Views:36     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 03-10-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

  Long time use of laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing will inevitably lead to the decrease of accuracy and increase of error, which will reduce the qualified rate of cutting products and is not conducive to the production of enterprises. Then, how to adjust the machine in case of error? The following will be analyzed from the following points.

  1. The thickness of cutting materials exceeds the standard. Generally, the thickness of the sheet metal laser cutting machine is less than 12. The thinner the sheet, the easier to cut and the better the quality. If the plate is too thick, the laser cutting machine is hard to cut. In the case of cutting, the processing accuracy will be error, so the thickness factor of the plate should be determined.

  2. The laser output power is not up to standard. When the laser cutting machine is running and debugging, it is necessary to ensure that the laser output power reaches the standard. Generally, the higher the laser output power is, the better the cutting quality is on the same thickness of plates.

  3. Roughness of cutting plate. Generally, the smoother the surface of the cutting material, the better the cutting quality.

  4. The focus position is not accurate. If the focus of laser cutting machine is not aligned, it will directly affect the cutting accuracy, so it is necessary to calibrate and check before operation. You can also choose the auto focus laser head when you buy the machine to ensure the cutting accuracy.

  5. Processing speed. The cutting speed of leapionlaser cutting machine directly affects the machining accuracy. Therefore, it is also necessary to achieve a good coincidence between cutting speed and material before operation.

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