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What are the specific uses of the CNC engraving machine?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the CNC engraving machine industry has obtained good development opportunities. As a CNC equipment, CNC engraving machines are used in more and more industries in the development of modern industry. In order to let everyone know more about the specific uses of CNC engraving machines, the following Leapion laser manager will introduce you to the wide range of applications of CNC engraving machines. :

CNC engraving machines include woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machines, advertising engraving machines, glass engraving machines, laser engraving machines, plasma engraving machines, and laser cutting machines, but they basically have similar characteristics. Take advertising engraving machine as an example. From a functional point of view, computer engraving machines are divided into two categories: low-power engraving machines and high-power engraving machines.

The low-power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine with a small engraving motor power (generally 80-200W). Because of its small engraving motor power, it can only be used for fine processing with less cutting surface at a time. For example: badges, sand table models, surface processing of handicrafts, etc. This type of engraving machine cannot perform high-power engraving and cutting.

High-power engraving machine refers to an engraving machine with an engraving motor power above 700W. This type of engraving machine can not only carry out low-power engraving, but also high-power engraving. For example: making crystal characters, all kinds of advertising signs, irregular cutting and forming of plates, processing of artificial stone, etc. Because of its high power, it can cut 30mm thick plexiglass at a time or use a forming knife for high-power forming and engraving.


Now, CNC engraving machines are widely used in the following industries:

1. Various signs and signage industries

The ever-changing construction of urban public facilities, the renovation and transformation of streets, modern residential quarters, hotels, office buildings, etc., all have created a large amount of demand for identification and guidance systems that comply with international standards. Among them, the carved plaques, signs, and signs occupy a considerable part. In order to establish a good corporate image and improve internal management, many powerful companies have also replaced the company's plaques with engraved ones. Making breastplates and department cards in the form of engraving has become a fashion trend.

2. Various model industries

CNC engraving machines are used in architectural models, mechanical models, vehicle models, and ship models; the model is the oldest design tool, and modern society has given the model more novel meanings and more extensive uses. The model also has a memorial and collection significance, and the CNC engraving machine can be mass produced.

3. Various handicraft industry

The CNC engraving machine can be flexibly used in various arts and crafts, gifts, tourist souvenirs and other industries. More and more medals, certificates, souvenirs and advertising materials in conferences and tourism activities are made by carvings. It is also possible to do some personalized engraving on the surface of rings, keychains, trophies, medals, imitation crystal ornaments, lighters, leather goods, watches, etc.

4. Various wood processing industries

Numerical control engraving machine in the wood craftsmanship, wood decoration, furniture processing, CNC engraving machine can make lofting, perforating, slotting, piercing and other wood crafts and furniture processing to achieve digital automation, significantly improve the product yield and production efficiency.

5. Plexiglass processing industry

 Plexiglass is one of the most ideal engraving materials for CNC engraving machines. As the plexiglass itself has good machinability, no matter which of the five processes of "cutting", "milling", "carving", "carving" and "drilling" of the engraving machine is used, it can be carried out by the engraving machine. produce. Moreover, plexiglass has a wide range of applications, and it is an ideal material for home decoration such as experimental equipment, models, small ornaments, handicrafts, souvenirs, and advertisements. The perfect combination of engraving machine and plexiglass will inevitably produce a variety of excellent craft products.

6 Mould industry

In the mold making industry, the CNC engraving machine can engrave button embossing molds, printing hot stamping molds, injection molds, stamping molds, shoe molds, etc. Especially the blister mold, the most important part of the blister light box manufacturing process: the font making and pattern molds, and the engraving machine plays a key role.

7. Specific areas of carved wooden boards and carved rubber sheets

The CNC engraving machine is still an irreplaceable printing technology in some specific fields in the fields of wood carving and offset printing. In particular, the mechanical engraving machine can handle most of the workload of engraving wood plate making, and it will not produce harmful exhaust gas, which is green and environmentally friendly.

8. Seal industry

The CNC engraving machine is very handy for seal engraving of various fonts and materials.


Circuit production, drilling, slot milling, etc. in the development of new printed circuit boards; electrode engraving on EDM machine tools.
10. Building decoration materials industry

The CNC engraving machine can easily and quickly produce a large number of exquisite molds for building decoration materials such as gypsum ceilings, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, and is currently developing rapidly in the direction of improving quality and perfecting the variety of colors.


We can foresee that with the continuous emergence of various new decorative materials, more and more materials can be engraved by CNC engraving machines. Therefore, the scope of application of CNC engraving machines will continue to expand. Above we briefly summarized the 10 industries where CNC engraving machines are more widely used. If you want to know other professional questions, please consult Leapion Laser. Leapion Laser 7×24 hours online service!

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