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What are the precautions when using woodworking CNC Router

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  When you see many works of art, you will be surprised by its excellent modeling design and superb processing technology, but here is also the contribution of a large number of woodworking CNC routers. However, if you want to give full play to its characteristics, you must grasp the performance indicators, principles, and common problems. What are the common problems in the actual application of woodworking CNC router?

  1、 Zeroing after application

  People should pay attention to the end of the application of wooden hole CNC router, that is to say, all the coordinates in the work of XYZ axis should be set to zero, which is more conducive to the next work, if it is still the original work attitude, it will harm the full play of quality and efficiency in the work after startup, so people should be cautious about this.

  2、 The adjustment of the speed ratio of CNC router and servo motor

  People's woodworking CNC router has a certain manual carving speed ratio, especially in the servo motor speed ratio is also accurate positioning and effective, otherwise the speed is too slow to meet the required product quality standards, if the speed is too fast, it will lead to end-to-end conditions, and endanger the use of mechanical equipment.

  3、 The first hand carving knife must be mastered

  The first knife of manual carving of people's woodworking CNC router is the key. As soon as the actual effect of manual carving is mastered, it will be more prominent, and the work will be smoother later. However, if the reverse first knife is not satisfactory, people will encounter a lot of problems behind it, so the first knife is not very good and faster, so we should gradually adjust to find the most Good speed ratio, maintain all normal conditions of CNC router.

  In addition to this, in the whole process of application of woodworking CNC router, we should also pay attention to the insulation layer on the counter surface of aluminum cabinet of CNC router under the condition of automatic tool setting. In addition, if we do not use woodworking CNC router for a long time, we must give high oil speed every week to ensure the coordination ability of the software of the rotation system, and then we must ensure the reality The operators shall wear the required work clothes and wear certain protective masks and myopia glasses to ensure the safety factor.leapion

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