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The specification must be paid attention to in the use of CNC engraving machine

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  In the process of using the CNC engraving machine, we must pay attention to the specification, use according to the relevant operation methods, and do a good job in the maintenance work. The following woodworking CNC engraving machine manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction of the use of specifications.

  1. When engraving with woodworking CNC engraving machine, when loading and unloading the engraving plate, it is necessary to unload the engraving tool first to avoid the sharp tool causing harm to the operator;  

  2. In the process of carving, remember to take gloves to clean up the carving debris, or touch the carving spindle, the spindle running at high speed, it is easy to roll the gloves and hands together, bringing hidden dangers;

  3. In the operation process of CNC engraving machine, it is not allowed to operate at will. In case of any fault, it is necessary to cut off the power supply first, and then carry out maintenance, so as to avoid injury to operators caused by high-speed CNC engraving machine;

  4. Do not tamper with the electrical appliances and circuits in the distribution cabinet, so as to avoid unnecessary fault lights caused by electric shock or disturbance of the circuit. If there are problems in the distribution cabinet and control system, it is necessary to find a woodworking CNC engraving machine manufacturer to solve them in time.

  5. The operation of CNC engraving machine seems to be simple, but there are also many operation requirements and specifications that need to be paid attention to. It must undergo strict training and assessment before it can work. For this reason, CNC engraving machine is specially equipped with CNC engraving machine training, which is to carry out zero basic training for customers, from CNC engraving machine operation, use, knife path design, relief programming, CNC engraving machine maintenance and maintenance, troubleshooting and other system wide training.

  As a fully automatic mechanical production equipment, CNC engraving machine must pay attention to the standard operation in the daily operation and use process, and find the manufacturer to report the problems in time. In the daily use process, accumulate more experience, can better improve the level of operation, and play the performance of CNC engraving machine.

  Once the CNC engraving machine is found to have trouble, it should be stopped first, and then it should be repaired, so as not to affect the subsequent normal use. It is recommended that consumers can repair the equipment according to the above methods.leapion

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