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Structure and working principle of laser welding machine

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  Do you know the structure and working principle of laser welding machine? Laser welding machine is widely used in many industries, including sheet metal, machinery, automobile, mold, medical equipment and other industries. The whole welding process of laser welding machine is composed of several parts, including worktable panel, feeding mechanism, which is fixed on the worktable panel. The clamp mechanism is fixed on the feeding mechanism, the feeding mechanism drives the clamp mechanism to move back and forth, the clamp mechanism includes a clamp device and a clamp mounting plate, and the clamp device is provided with a positioning device. What is the situation of each part, so that we can continue to talk about the price of laser welding machine


  Laser welding machine is generally composed of five parts,

  1: Laser welding host:

  The laser welding host mainly produces the laser beam for welding, which is composed of power supply, laser generator, optical path part, control system and other main parts,

  2: Cooling system:

  Cooling system provides cooling function for laser generator, generally equipped with 1-5 HP water circulating chiller (mainly for welding machine of square and round laser),

  3: Laser welding automatic table or motion system:

  The system is used to realize the laser welding, the laser beam moves according to the welding track according to the specific requirements, and realize the automatic welding function of the laser. Generally, there are three kinds of motion control forms: workpiece movement, laser head fixation, laser head movement, workpiece fixation, or laser head and workpiece movement. The whole system, through the way of CNC programming, compiles the motion control program to control the workbench movement according to the requirements, And after the simplified programming system, it has the advantages of simple operation, rapid holding without professional technology or education background. In the worktable system of square and circular laser, such as: manipulator motion system, two-dimensional, three-dimensional worktable, four-axis linkage worktable, gantry welding worktable, cantilever worktable, etc., precise welding motion control can be realized

  4: Fixture:

  Generally, in the process of laser welding, the laser welding fixture is mainly used to fix the welded workpiece, and make it can be repeatedly loaded and unloaded, repeatedly positioned, so as to facilitate the automatic laser welding. Therefore, the fixture is one of the necessary equipment in the laser welding production, especially in the batch production, whether the fixture is designed in place will directly affect the production efficiency and yield, Fangyuan laser has a large number of professional supporting designers, specially designed laser welding clamping solutions for customers, and provided 3D demonstration, so that customers can clearly understand the whole welding scheme

  5、 Observation system:

  Generally, the laser welding machine needs to be equipped with an observation system, which can carry out real-time microscopic observation on the workpiece. It is used to facilitate accurate positioning and check the welding effect in the welding process when preparing the welding program. Generally, it is equipped with a CCD display system or a microscope

  Working principle of fiber laser welding machine and YAG laser welding machine

  Automatic laser welding machine

  Automatic laser welding machine

  Working principle of fiber laser welding machine

  When the pump light passes through the rare earth ion in the optical fiber, it will be absorbed by the rare earth ion. At this time, the rare earth atom electrons absorbing photon energy will be excited to a higher lasing energy level, so as to realize the inversion of the ion number. The reversed ion number will be transferred from the high-energy level to the ground state in the form of radiation, and release energy to complete the stimulated radiation. The laser produced by the optical fiber laser welding machine is output through the optical fiber, and is matched with the supporting workbench to complete the corresponding welding. Fiber laser welding machine is divided into pulse fiber laser welding machine and continuous. Among them, the pulse fiber laser welding machine can adjust the laser pulse single point energy by setting the laser peak power, frequency and pulse width; the continuous fiber laser welding machine can adjust the output laser power by setting the average laser power.

  Working principle of YAG laser welding machine

  The laser power source first lights the pulse xenon lamp, and discharges the xenon lamp pulse through the laser power source to form a light wave with a certain frequency and a certain pulse width. The light wave radiates to the Nd 3 +: YAG laser crystal through the focusing cavity and excites the ND The 3 +: YAG laser crystal emits light, and then resonates in the laser resonator, and then emits a 1064nm pulse laser. The pulse laser is focused on the object to be welded after beam expansion, reflection (or optical fiber transmission). Under the control of PLC or industrial PC, the numerical control workbench is moved to complete the welding. The frequency, pulse width, waveform, table speed and moving direction of the pulse laser required for welding can be controlled by single chip microcomputer, PLC or industrial PC. the energy of the pulse laser can be controlled by setting different frequency and pulse width of the laser. leapion fiber laser cutting machine

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