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Precautions for woodworking CNC engraving machine

Views:14     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 03-05-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

  1. The machine shall be fixed on a stable table, and the bottom angle shall be adjusted to prevent the machine from moving, and the machine shall be kept level.

  2. Please connect the power supply and firm ground wire according to the voltage specified in the manual: ac220v380v50hz

  3. Please do not connect multiple electrical products on the same power socket to avoid overload.

  4. The woodworking carving machine is a high-speed machining equipment. Its rotating spindle speed is up to 24000 rpm, so the operator must wear work clothes, work caps, gloves and emissions.

  5. When the machine is working, the personnel shall keep a certain distance from the machine, and it is forbidden to touch the high-speed and moving parts such as knife head.

  6. Please unplug the power plug of the machine from the wall socket before replacing tools and cleaning. Do not use liquid or spray cleaner. Please wipe with dry cloth and use antirust oil

  7. When troubleshooting, it must be operated by professional technicians in the state of power failure.

  8. Do not use the machine near the water, such as near the bathtub, danger basin, kitchen sink, laundry sink, wet floor or swimming pool.

  9. The machine is placed on an unstable cart, shelf or table. Otherwise, the machine may fall and cause serious damage or casualties.

  10. This machine can only be operated with the power type indicated on the nameplate. If you do not know the type of power supply in your home, please consult the distribution unit or the local power supply bureau.

  11. This machine is equipped with triangle plug (ground wire). The plug can only be inserted into the grounding type socket. This is a safety device. If you are unable to insert the plug into the socket, please entrust an electrician to replace your insulated socket. Do not abolish the safety purpose of grounded sockets.

  12. Do not put anything on the power line. Do not put the machine in a dangerous place where the power cord is easy to be trampled.

  13. Do not overload the wall socket or branch line, otherwise it will lead to fire or electric shock hazard.leapion


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